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I said I'd move on to replicas eventually. Does this count?

The FIA has shown a pretty clear hesitation to let new teams into F1, so naturally that inspired me to create an fictional F1 team livery. My brain works in funny ways. JOTA is pretty well known for their success in LMP2 and of course I'm a fan of their GT3 efforts. They have some of the best liveries on their respective grids and I wanted to see what they'd look like on an F1 car. RSS made the FH22, so here we are.
Thanks to @Hoksu for the Sparco glove pack, those were a very nice touch. Also to @Soul_EvolutionLG for allowing me to base my numbers off of theirs.
Make sure to download @Marco17_ok tyre pack for these cars, it helps a ton with realism.
Finally thanks to RSS for the, as always, excellent mod. Buy it here:
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From one Jota fanboi, to another - hats off, your skin is amazing and let's hope for some good Jota racing this year!
Definitely! Glad you're enjoying it.

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