17 TV sport stations logos

17 TV sport stations logos 1.0

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Hi guys.
edit: And Karina from Moskva, yes. :)
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Like the title says... it's 17 (yup, seventeen) TV (mostly sport) station for your wieving pleasure. And here's the complete list:

If you have some demands/sugestions, feel free to ask.
Instalation is VERY simple. Trust me.
I already done main work for you, I rename all 17 logos as they should be named if you decide to use one, but to be able to do that, I have to make 17 folders, don't be confused, pick your favorite tv station and just copy that file ("logo_ac_app.png") into appropriate Assetto Corsa folder.
Something like this - "your Assetto Corsa folder~\content\gui"
When windows say that file already exist, just replace it by click "yes". Don't wory, I made a copy of the original for you, check that folder, if you ever wish to use the default. But I see no reason why... :p
acShowroom 2015-01-28 15-03-52-49.jpg

Thanks for downloading! ;)
gamer19 aka shnala
acs 2015-02-01 21-39-24-47.jpg

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Hello, unfortunately I don't see the logo in the game. Where do I have to activate it in the Content Manager?
I don't have Assetto Corsa anymore BUT! I can tell you that this doesn't have to be installed via Content Manager, you just need to drop files in your AC directory (read the front page please, there's instruction)
And if you still have any question, ask in Discussion section, I'll be happy to help you in any way :)
thank you
loving it!!! looks so realistic now
thank you. no votes for over SEVEN years lol =)
Really nice mod. Thanks for taking the time to make this for us.
NP. Thank you for taking your time and vote!
Very nice, thank you!
Well thank you back! For one of my favourite tracks ever - Surfers paradise! <3
Also for Eastern creek, Solitude, and very usefull Sim traxx maps. Now you owe me 3 more thank you's. :)
Just kidding. You owe me nothing. :D

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