1952 Italian Grand Prix Entries by Scuderia Ferrari

1952 Italian Grand Prix Entries by Scuderia Ferrari 1.2

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Skin set for the RRL Ferrari 500 available here:

This set is basically just the packaged skin but with numbers and ui changed to reflect the three entries to the season ending Italian Grand Prix won by Alberto Ascari (#12) with his teammates Luigi Villoresi (#16) in third and Nino Farina (#10) in fourth.

PS: If any of you joined the Revival Racing League discord and find yourself having been "kicked" please rejoin, there was a setting on the invite link that caused us all to be temporary members!

Latest updates

  1. Updated filename to work with current version

    Just an update to make the skins work with the latest version of the mod (0.91 as of 06/04/2024)
  2. The last two Scuderia entries

    Added the entries of André Simon (#8) & Piero Taruffi (#14) to finalise the full Scuderia...

Latest reviews

Makes a full grid much nicer to look at. Great job!
Excellent work, very much needed - and very prompt, too!
Grace Dylan
Grace Dylan
Thanks. Keep an eye out for the Privateer entries.

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