1968 Indy 500 -  STP Oil Treatment Team

1968 Indy 500 - STP Oil Treatment Team 1.0

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This is was done very quickly. This is to supplement the very excellent 1968 Indy 500 pack by @MrBraindown

Legion released the Lotus 56 turbine some time ago. This is to integrate these cars into MrBraindown's car pack, using his livery.png and ui_skin.json.
From the existing mod, it created the existing #60 Joe Leonard and #70 Graham Hill as stand alone. But this also adds the missing #20 Art Pollard livery that wasn't included in Legion's mod.

Please give MrBraindown's pack a download as it is an amazing representation of the 1968 race

Legions Lotus 58 is required.

Please note in testing, that these cars are fairly slow compared to the Pessio.
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