2023 IMSA LMP3

2023 IMSA LMP3 1.21

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LMP3 Class from the Daytona 24h

Future updates may happen with additions through out the season.

Ligier JSP320
#33 Sean Creech Motorsport (Based on S397 2021 skin)
#36 Andretti Autosport
#38 Performance Tech Motorsports
#43 MRS-GT Racing
#74 Riley Motorsports

Duqueine (Norma)
#13 AWA
#17 AWA
#85 JDC Miller MotorSports
#87 Fast MD Racing

#33 Sean Creech Motorsport used the S397 skin as a base, just applied the 2023 changes. Others through out the season might get added.

Install in:
rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\Ligier_JSP320_2020\[Highest version Number]

rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\Norma_M30-LMP3_2017\[Highest version Number]

Classes="LMP3, LMP3_Ligier_JS_P320,IMSA_2023,IMSA_2023_LMP3"

Classes="LMP3, LMP3_Norma_M30, IMSA_2023, IMSA_2023_LMP3"

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Latest updates

  1. Hotfix

    My apologies, I missed the dive plane color on the #4. This is corrected.
  2. #4, #29 and #30 added

    Added: #4 Ave Motorsports #29 JR III Racing #30 JR III Racing
  3. Minor fixes

    - Corrected the regions on some cars - Corrected the alpha channels on the Ligiers

Latest reviews

Nice livery set.
Thank you !
Thank you
Top, as usual
After the recent update of GT3 sounds, I realized that the new sounds have a different format (.json vs .sfx ). It looks that the LMP3s have been updated some months ago (?) as the official .veh have the new sound format. I modified your packs for my own usage and I guess the communauty will ask you the same sooner or later ;)
Crivitz Chris
Crivitz Chris
Good call out! I copied my existing .veh from last year. I'll have to take a look. I have an update planned shortly. I messed up on a couple alpha channels.
Amazing work as always, curious to know if you'll be updating this after Sebring when a team or two will debut?
Crivitz Chris
Crivitz Chris
I'll try. I have a few other projects that I'm working on and a pretty busy summer. If it is based on one of the skins I did in the past, then yes. If it is brand new, we'll see. For example, the MTL Ligier from last year was a bit too difficult for the time I had. I'll be at Sebring and Road America this year and hoping to get to Indy as well. So hoping to get plenty of reference pics if there are new cars.
Fantastic work, thanks Chris.
awesome skins
Another Masterpiece.
Thank you Chris for the time and love you put into these paint jobs. Once again it was more than worth it.
Nice skins! Thank you
Thank you

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