1998 Le Mans 24h Nissan Motorsport pack [4K / 8K]

1998 Le Mans 24h Nissan Motorsport pack [4K / 8K] 1.0

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For the RSS Nisumo R39 V8, part of the Classic Endurance Pack 1.

Skins to replicate the look of the four Nissan R390s entered by Nismo in the 1998 Le Mans 24 hours.


After showing some promise in the 1997 race, Nissan showed up with a squadron of four cars at the Circuit de la Sarthe: #30, #31 and #32 were brand-new, 98-spec cars and were fielded by the works team, while #33 was a 1997-spec car updated to 1998 standards and entrusted to the care of Formula Nippon team Nova Engineering.



While the previous year the R390 had been in contention for the win and was only stopped by issues with a last-minute modification to its exhaust system, it was now brutally outclassed by the new challengers from Toyota, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Nissan's choice to run a conservative race when everybody else had chosen to go full send all the way through didn't help, either - but at least this way the #32 car would pick a nice third place finish when their competition from BMW, Mercedes and Toyota was sidelined by bad luck, mechanical wear and technical issues.


But sadly, even the podium finish - Nissan's best ever result at Le Mans - would not be enough to save the R390 from the demise of the GT1 class it was designed to compete in, and for 1999 Nissan unceremoniously turned the page on its collaboration with Tom Walkinshaw Racing to develop an open-cockpit LMP car, the R391.


How to install: drag and drop the "Content" folder in your Assetto Corsa folder.

Latest updates

  1. v1.0 - FINAL

    Improvements to the liveries: improved alpha channels added PBR masking to the decals slightly...
  2. v0.5 update

    Changelog: - improvements to the #32 livery; - added #30, #31 and #33 liveries; - added new...

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Amazing! The helmets are so cool!!
Those liveries are truly niceley done, my friend! Hats off! You have made a great work!
Thanks for all your care and attention on these skins, so much detail, it’s much appreciated!
We needed this badly! Thank you
Excellent, thank you.
Glorious indeed. Can't wait to see the rest :D

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