2006 Mazda RX7 - RE Amemiya Racing #7 Asparadrink

2006 Mazda RX7 - RE Amemiya Racing #7 Asparadrink 1.2

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Here is the Mazda RX7 that ran in 2006 superGT in GT300 category.
With this design and car Tetsuya Yamano and Hiroyuki Iiri won the drivers' championship of the category. *Gran Turismo Vibes*

For some more info please check the video description.

Please enjoy the car

Latest updates

  1. Small Tiny fix!!

    I hope that this solves everything. Fix for easier installation by changing the name of the...
  2. Small Fix

    Car Folder Correction for easy installation.
  3. Interioir plate.

    added and corrected interior plate.

Latest reviews

Excellent looking skin, but the folder name of the car lacks a character (i), so it won't install correctly (I just downloaded, so I presume this was another little glitch than the one mentioned before ?)
Fixed thanks for the notice
Fantastic skin, thanks!
Small hiccup: The archive packaging is incorrect. the car folder is specified as: "chawai_rx7gt30_06" and should of course be: "chawai_rx7gt300_06".
Easy to work around, but some folks might be discouraged by the CM error that is thrown ("Not supported car"), and miss out on a great skin.
Thank i will release a uptade for that.
Great Work, the skin is perfect
Perfect, just the skin I've been looking after for a while. This was my favorite car in GT4!
please add interior plate super gt thingy
Please check the updated
Great !thanks for sharing !
great work mate!
Very nice!

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