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2014 Force india 1.3

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hay im Completely new to modding but thought i would give this ago
this is the 2014 Force India Skin on the Mclaren model, i have had to adjust some of the detail as i say im new to it and this is my first try lol
hope you like..
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Latest updates

  1. Updated

    hi guys, yes i know this is another update, but seen as the car has been out on the track...
  2. Few Tweeks

    Hi there I have Updated a few areas, i have added the Logo on the back wing (sorry its small...

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I can't use this to the Force India just the McLaren why? Do this for the Force India
I did it for the mclaren model as that is the only car that has the low nose.. there is another one on here using the force india model already
Please, do Mercedes W05
I am working on one dont worry like most the issue is the graphics on the Side pods.. i have got a template going but it looks more like curves in the body work at the moment will try to post a pic on the discussion area see if anyone can offer any advice...
Texture for f1 2012, and not f1 2013
This one is a 2013 skin I have another one which is named force India 2014 which is the 2012 version
Average Resolution and about 70% accurate .
Best Force India 2014.
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  • Version: 2014-01-26
It looks good man, although do you reckon you could do a higher res version? It looks a bit to low at the moment ?
hopefully going to be my next step lol will work on it and hopefully have a update soon
I think if you try editing a Toro Rosso you could make it look more like the VJM07, good job anyway :)
will give it ago cheers for the feedback, was trying to stay away from the stepped nose as they slop more this year

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