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2014 Mercedes W05 + Audio 0.9

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F1 2014 Mercedes GP W05
4096HD Livery + Audio 0.9
#44 Hamilton.jpg
#6 Rosberg.jpg

I Have made 2 liveries #44 & #6 Rightly so , Choose the installation folder that you want ,
Installation Path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012\cars
Please back up your folder "me2" cars and replace with the mod!

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012\audio
Make a backup of your audio and replace the files within the mod!

This is 0.9 I will make a full update once I have added a couple more details enjoy :)

Latest reviews

i agree with w1n1x. Brilliant! I noticed, however, when watching the video, that it still has the mercedes steering wheel, but the marussia (i think) model. Does this not mess up the cockpit a bit?
i know i never updated it , will make an update later for you guy,s , i think i did look but it was in a different position slightly further forward i think can not remember ))
RB10 ?
great work mate loving the sound :P
Great work mate.
A definite 5 star work.
Great work. You can tell the time you've spent on this skin by how it looks(perfect). Keep up the great work
Great work as usual :)
Great work mate as usual. I bet you worked hell a lot on this one. The result is very nice. Also don't care about the likes of zuhaitz just listen to the rest who admire your work
Giving 4 stars only from him was rude but get away on it mate. He does 't even worth your time. He didn't even do a single skin and he rates yours lowly. This is what I find pathetic cause he wouldn't be able to do half as good car as yours.
Thank,s m8 , I could not have made the livery any better and tried to include everything from the 2014 livery maybe the low ratings was due to the missing logos on the wing mirrors , but noticed before releasing the skin that the logos was mirrored wrong on the opposite sideso had to remove them , maybe I should have checked a couple of models before hand but there is that many small details it would be impossible to check every detail :)
Great , I spent all afternoon using witout achieve the same result

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