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2015 Season Data Pack 1.0

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I'm proud to present the early version of my 2015 mod
this mod includes most of the things needed for an 2015 experience, such as:
  • 2015 driver line-up, alonso at mclaren, nasr and ericsson at sauber, vettel at ferrari etc
  • removed caterham and marussia
  • and most of the other stuff what belongs to the 2015 season
My helmet skinning skills aren't great, so the helmets of nasr and sainz aren't 100% accurate yet. will be fixed in future updates

This mod will corrupt your save game and disables multiplayer!!!
always back-up your files !!!

Recommended to install this mod in a blank copy of f1 2014. Can cause crashes in combination with other mods

Issues? please tell and i'll try to fix asap. ideas for improvements? always welcome

How to install
extract the mod, open the 2015 mod folder and copy the including files to your f1 2014 folder. Compatible with english, german and spanish (seperate download) language

This mod includes (parts of) the following mods:
for addidtional content download part 2 and 3 of Mr Pibb's 2015 update:

Planned for the future
  • HQ driver pictures
  • New helmets for Nasr, Sainz, Alonso and Kvyat
Enjoy the mod :)



F1_2014 2015-01-22 17-57-11-47.jpg

F1_2014 2015-01-24 12-39-11-79.jpg

F1_2014 2015-02-07 02-18-57-33.jpg
F1_2014 2015-02-07 02-19-04-07.jpg
F1_2014 2015-02-07 02-20-50-22.jpg

F1_2014 2015-02-08 13-33-54-87.jpg
F1_2014 2015-02-08 13-17-13-52.jpg


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Latest updates

  1. skins and database changes

    here it is, it has been a long wait, but here is v1.0! not a big update as i expected, but still...
  2. the return of manor marussia

    Update 0.9 patch notes: -added Manor marussia back to the game (car+driver suits only now, rest...
  3. Jerez is here (and also a lotus)

    V0.8 Patch notes: -added Lotus E23 -added Jerez Winter testing (will replace evaluation test...

Latest reviews

Nice! Ty!
Good work my friend . If i can you should try a 2017 Season . I would very much appreciate it . Thank you for your work . M .
is it possible to do an f1 2016 mod??? great work
where I can download the italian pack?
Thank you very much, great job.
First of all great job buddy, really great but i have FPS problem on some part of all tracks. I hope that will be fix in such a way. Good luck.
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
Sry lad, i stopped with content for this mod in june. And now (finally) f1 2015 is moddable that has priority ;)
excellent, but what happen with the autodromo hermanos rodriguez ?
thx 4 this great mod ! it works perfect !
Good modification. any idea to fix this? great mod btw
Very good mod but I have Max Verstappen in Toro Rosso and Red Bull. My question is why???
Verstappen is in both Red Bull and Toro Rosso WTF... Where is Kvyat? And why there are 2 German tracks? And one no name track like fhf_hfhf_dair. Incorrect podium/wins statistics, lol dude..
Hi lesley,the mod is amazing,but my OSD don't reckon de name of verstappen etc... in the menu only apearrs MAX,how i can put this propperly?
why my marussia is showing error in the team menu?
Very good mod amazing cars (idk how u made these 2015 front wings thats amazing) the only thing i dont like is the manors, they are 15 seconds off the pace. i found out that there is no "will stevens" or "roberto merhi" in the ai_driver thingy at database.bin. very good mod all around just that one little thingy made me rate it 4 instead of 5
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
stevens and merhi use the performances of chilton and bianchi, and the manors are also slow irl, but if they're too slow in your opinion i can change it
Great Job Dude. But why use the McLaren now the model of Red Bull? The Mercedes chassis it looked much better...
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
because red bull chassis provides a better livery than the merc, this livery was more realistic on red bull than merc, thats why, otherwise you wouldn't had the mclaren logo's on the sidepods etc
good job ...Thanks a lot ..
Very Good!
Good job. Thank you very much for doing this.

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