Ravenwest Motorsport MyTeam package

Ravenwest Motorsport MyTeam package 2.1

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For years Ravenwest Motorsport have dominated the Grid series, and now they've set their sights on F1


The package replaces Devon Butler's personal livery and driver suit and is usable in MyTeam and Time trial.

Included are:
-4K livery
-Driver racesuit and other clothing
-Garage and pit crew clothing
-Ravenwest logo to use as emblem

Installing is simple: copy and paste the main mod folder into your main F1 2021 game folder. Your game is most likely located in:

Local C/D drive > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > F1 2021

Using the Ravenwest log as emblem is optional, but i would recommend to use the blank emblem which i've also included for a better look on your suits.

IMPORTANT: when setting up your team select the following colours, otherwise your crew will look a little weird:
Primary colour: 0, 120, 0
Secondary colour: 0, 240, 100
Third colour: 0, 120, 240

Installing mods is at own risk, make sure to have a backup.

Enjoy :)



Latest updates

  1. Gloves + Season 2 Livery

    This update adds some custom gloves to complete the drivers outfit. as well as the release of a...
  2. pits and paddock update

    Update notes: -helmets for pit crew now work properly added new custom environments for...
  3. full team upgrade

    This update upgrades this mod from a livery to a full team package. Changes: -Liveries updated...

Latest reviews

Really nice mod for f1 but I have a problem with this mod how do I remove sponsor on suit does it happens only for me or is this normal because of the latest update?
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
Check out this video and you should be able to fix it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_VJHrMXmas
Great looking mod. Good work, would also appreciate the engine suppliers as well. Will send you a message. Thanks
This is really nice! Are you planning to make a helmet any time soon for the team? Also, is there specific livery's for the engine supplier, if so how do I get them?
A fantastic mod overall, wonderful detail from vehicle livery down to the minute details in pit/paddock area. No issues at all and as an addition a big thanks to the modder who responded exceedingly promptly and politely to a request I had. Great job all round.
Amazing! Still I have a problem, the skin of the car appears in the car of "Devon Butler" which is a DLC, how can I change the skin for a free car?
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
it's a little trickier, but it's possible to apply mod skins to podium pass liveries. it just depends on what liveries you've unlocked. if you can give me the name of a car+suit combo of podium pass liveries i can send you some custom files to get it to work
the mod is great, but how do I install the engine supplier textures?
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
Apologies, due to size limitations i had to cut out the specific liveries to 1 general one for all engine suppliers, but i forgot to update the description :| but i'll dm you a file with the specific liveries so you can still use them
Just perfect, great work !
Excellent work!
Will you do MyTeam package with other teams from GRID Autosport like: Cusco, Monster Energy, Team Kicker or Forge Motorsport?
I want to see Monster Energy Racing MyTeam package from you. You really have a potential.
But... this package works only with Honda engine right?
If yes, when you will add other engines to mod?
Again, fantastic work!
Lesley Buurlage
Lesley Buurlage
Don't expect packages from the other GRID teams, Ravenwest was something i wanted to use of my own and in the end i was encouraged to make it public. I may do some comissions for requests posted in the mod request thread but otherwise this will most likely be the only package i'll make.

Also it's not only Honda! when you install the mod you've 2 folders: one is everything but the car, the other one gives you an install path with a 4k livery for all the engine suppliers :D
dont know why CM doesnt' incorporate this themselves, great mod, thank you
Been waiting for this since last year!
Love it !!! prefect work !
I'm very interrested by full team package if you have time to do it !

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