2023 F1 Academy MP Motorsport Skinpack

2023 F1 Academy MP Motorsport Skinpack 1.0

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First skinpack for the F1 Academy on Assetto corsa ! Is the first is dedicated to cars from MP Motorsport, we can find the livery of Hamda Al Qubaisi (#4), Hemely De Heus (#5) and Amna Al Qubaisi (#6).
The car is visually slightly different from the single-seaters used in F1 Academy but it is the one that comes closest to it.
This skinpack does not contain the pilot's helmet and suit skin, (it will surely happen)

Car : formula_4_brasil

it is advisable (see mandatory) to have the Custom Shaders Pack for this car, so for this skinpack.

I recommend that you use this Misc:
to have a performance that is very close to the performance of single-seaters in the F1 Academy (especially the top speed)


there will surely be updates planned, but for now I'm focusing on the rest of the F1 Academy grid.

Don't hesitate to send me messages if you miss something or want to talk about the F1 Academy.
Have Fun!

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Cool skinpack, hope to see the whole grid soon. :))
Thx for the work! Love it

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