2REAL - Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation

2REAL - Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation 1.2

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Welcome to the new era of Assetto Corsa!

Traffic Mods are the first truely realistic traffic mods for Assetto Corsa, with massive traffic simulations up to 1000 cars with different speedzones and with cars stopping at intersections and traffic lights.

2REAL on Discord: https://discord.gg/ZgXeghFZe5
thanks for your support on my patreon < 3

watch demo:

Manual Install Only !!!
You need to install/activate traffic planner first, see tutorial.

Traffic Planner is now activated.

After that, follow Install.txt

-> the traffic.json and surfaces.ini go into Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\soyo_daikoku\pa\data


- access traffic planner settings via object inspector -> tools -> traffic planner (ingame) -

Recommended Car Amount: 420 (dont spawn cars nearby)

use in practise mode

In the near future I will adapt this new Traffic System to other huge city + Highway maps like the Need for Speed Maps, Burnout Paradise Map, KC Backwoods, The GTA Maps and many more! Patrons will get early access to Updates & 1 on 1 support via messages

Hope you enjoy my work! :)

If you want to show some love, buy me a coffe on my Patreon. I do all this modding stuff in my free time and i am a broke student so I really appreciate your support :inlove:

Need more Cars for 2REAL Mods? https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/more-traffic-cars-for-2real-mods.55725/

spezial thanks to @Just Kauser for helping me out!

Download Map: https://www.patreon.com/posts/daikoku-0-9-4-37462059

Latest updates

  1. Changed the install process, should be less complicated now

    updated install structure, no changes to traffic
  2. 2REAL - Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation

    added some missing info to the readmetxt. no big changes on this update. Let me know if you run...

Latest reviews

Very good traffic mod! Thank you, man, it was too hard to set up Shotoku traffic, but this is way easier.
Terrible traffic stops in the middle of the road
Could not get it to work, tutorials are hard to follow not sure where it went wrong or how to exactly install the traffic mod, asked help from 2real discord got kicked out right away lol, not sure even why.. so yeah giving up on this
Good, but i have one problem, in lua folder, i dont have tools folder, so i dont have csp-traffic-tools folder aswell, do you guys know why?
Good mod but the tutorials are all over the place, Just download his other csp-traffic-tools from here (all the other ones didn't work for me)
https://www.p atreon.com/posts/27-more-cars-for-77042592

and put the csp-traffic-tools folder in this path:

at least that's what worked for me (also don't forget to delete the old folder which was in "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\lua")
I did all that, but the cars don't appear, WHAT DO I DO?
"sim has crashed" and I cant see any cars on the road
how "click to delete cars" works? i can't use it
i guess this button is not what you think it is ... to delete cars you have to some some extra steps its a bit tricky but i have tutorial on my patreon cars tab
I got a error saying scripting physics not allowed can anyone help me ?
delete surface.ini from data folder and put the one from my download in there. sometimes it does not replace somehow..
It is a bit of a hassle to understand how to install although it is very simple. But the result is amazing. ALso downloaded the 27 car , which hopefully get a tweak as the cars sink in the ground. But overall this makes so many tracks a renewed blast to drive!
check out my discord for latest updates, we are working on new carpack and there are some very smart guys in the group who have figured & fixed the main issues :) will be allright soon i guess
Really fantastic Mod. Moving the game on yet again.

Thankfully SirSpats video made the install a walk in the park (Albiet with only 2 cars) Looking forward to server development and more deployment on freeroams.

Nice work @Tominator
thanks brother! i have already 25 more cars prepared for the tool, i think there is a link in this post :)
Is this only for single player? is it possible to create a server to play with friends online?
i think we have to wait for new csp updates to make this happen, traffic planner tool is very early discovered and needs to be improved :)
very nice idea! with this, you don't need a monster pc to play with traffic. although would be nice if we can somehow see this on replay so I could make some good clips.
instructions are confusing, you have to jump from link to link downloading multiple parts, attempt to follow instructions that aren't as detailed as they need to be. But once you get through all that, and get the tool working, no cars will not spawn anyway. very disappointed..
Those having issues with the traffic, the "Data" folder is within another "Data" folder..so what you want to do is make sure you go into the "data" folder and cut the "data" folder inside the folder and place that in the tools path so assetto reads "tool>data" instead of "tools>data>data" because then the "sim crash" error message will not go away. Hope this helps as it did for me.
You did a really great job my friend. I wish you continued success. The only thing I regret is that the traffic does not work in the replay. Is there a way?
so far this doesnt work
Show, can you also turn on the headlights of other cars? I am not able
Lights work onlyy when you start map in the nights so far
Awesome and thank you

@cheezman there is a data folder on the github site in that folder is some cars... copy those files to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\lua\tools\csp-traffic-tool\data

I had the same problem as you sim crash error what i told you fixes that issue my traffic works now hope this helps you
Amazing traffic mod
After loading everything as directed, I advise restarting Content Manager. I didn't get any traffic until I did that.
I look forward to future developments with this.

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