2REAL - SRP Tatsumi Realistic Traffic Simulaton Mod

2REAL - SRP Tatsumi Realistic Traffic Simulaton Mod 1.1

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Realistic Traffic Mod with very good performance even on low spec PC's. Load up to 2000 Cars live in the Simulation via new CSP Traffic Planner Tool. Many options to change the traffic settings quick & easy.

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Experience completely new Traffic behaivour on SRP Tatsumi Spawn with 2REAL Traffic Mod!


Manual Install Only !!!
You need to install/activate traffic planner first, see tutorial.

Just follow the Install text :)

I am currently working on the complete Layout for SRP map with all spawn point included. Patreon supporters can access the full SRP map with new 2REAL traffic mod on the complete map (wip).

Thank you for your support G!!
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/2real_mods

Hope you enjoy my add-on for this awesome track!

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Latest updates

  1. made install a bit more easy

    only changed install structure, no changes to traffic

Latest reviews

Fantastic if you want to stay parked on the side of the road. AI constantly brake checking and jumping in front of you when you get close to them. Additionally, I also really enjoyed the variety of the cars. Only two types of cars exist in this mod, always with the same colors.
Keep creating these awesome mods G, you are absolutely wonderful at what you do!!!!
The AI traffic seems to be better at stopping in the middle of the road than actually driving an letting me cut up. I don't know if I did something wrong or it's the AI, nonetheless it's very annoying and I wish the AI worked like the AI in the online No Hesi servers.
where is the 3rd lane
Sorry, but this mod is straigh dogsh1t,
cars behave in a really buggy way. They constantly slow down and speed up for no reason whatsoever. Also, the traffic just refuses to merge into the right lane. 500+ cars and not a single one in the right lane. Instead, they cause a bumper to bumper traffic jam in the left and middle lane, making swimming though traffic impossible.
The only reason this mod exists, is to bait people into buying the actual mod. The free one is incomplete and not at ALL worth your time!
First off. Why is the AI allergic to the third lane. 700+ cars yet not a single car seems to believe in the third lane, causing a constant traffic jam in 2 lanes. Which brings another problem.
The AI often decides to switch lanes out of nowhere, and when doing so the AI usally overlaps into the car. No concact or anything just kinda floating into the other car and lane. It's worse than driving in real life.
"Ohh, is your lane not free? Well, I actually don't care"

Also tried to install the car mod but it's still only the BMW and Alfa driving aroud.
This mod is intentionally incomplete in a way that you have to buy the Patreon package to get the full version. Cars only drive in 2 lanes instead of 3. Go get the mod by "krzysiekwar", that has fully functioning traffic and doesn't try to scam you outta your money.
Everything works, only had to adjust the lane settings to my preferences
It's great to have traffic go around, but there are some major glitches that need to be fixed such as: cars suddenly stopping when you are too close to them, cars phasing through each other, and cars suddenly disappearing. Quite immersion killing tbh.
Since I upgraded my csp to the paid version, the cars only go 30 km/h
the cars keep brake checking is it normal? because i cut up and the cars just stop in front of me also when im in spawn the cars outside of spawn just stop pls help
Not installable, even after following the video instructions - in facts the zip file downloaded here doesn't correspond to the rar file shown in the video.
you just need to put the downloaded shutoku_revival_project_beta_ptb in you assettocorsa/content/tracks folder. Make sure you have SRP track installed before installing the mod. Also I can highly recommend reading the install_readme file thats also in the download. hope it helps
cars spawn for a second in the air, and flash in the air when they spawn
Everything works but my traffic is just very light, like if i crash the cars fly into the air. How do i fix
what csp version you have? i think there is different bugs with different versions..
I followed a video from Sirspats "Shutoko Tatsumi Traffic 2Real FREE Mod - Tutorial" and went through all the steps several times. It didn't work, and now I can't race with AI with the advanced AI settings from CSP/Content Manager. Would this mod cause this? How can I get it working or uninstalled and my game fixed? Thank you
to see if this has to do with my mod you can just uninstall and reinstall the map where you have tried to put the traffic files in. Also i recommend checking the install.readme in the download file to see exact location where the traffic files are/should be located. Probably you have not ativated the traffic planner vefore installing this mod or you are on low csp version i dont know. check my discord #help channel i am sure i can help you out
the only thing i hate is when im going fast and an ai car goes into my lane and we crash, is there a way to stop them overtaking?
i made ai ''overtake'' to make traffic more realistic, if you looking for steady traffic to do CUT-UP see on my patreon i made a second traffic layout without the overtaking cars. So far this is only for supporters because i had to redo alot of my work to make the 2 different layouts. But will probably be free on RD sometime like most of my mods :)
sim crash, doesn't work
update your csp, 1.79 is recommended at least. if this doesnt help probably something got messed up at the install... make sure to always delete files before installing any file with the same name
It good but there is like no traffic on the right lane is there a way to fix
see my comment on the review below ;) i can olny add to that that i will probably release a version with traffic on all lanes all the time here on RD too, hopefully soon
This is excellent, exactly what I've been looking for. So much fun :D
One small issue, there are sections of highway where the AI only uses/spawns in the left two lanes instead of all three. Using the lane visualizer you can see that the third lane doesn't have a line in some parts. Is this something that can be fixed, or is it baked into the track itself? Thanks <3
that was my attempt to make ''overtaking'' traffic :D i thought it would be boring if the right lane is always full, if you choose max 250 cars it should be looking fine :) otherwise i released a new update with no ''overtaking'' for cutting-up on patreon for my supporters. Also has now Traffic on the complete Map. Very Happy that you like my mod <3
Good mod but the ai seems to drive only in two lanes for me and change to the other one often. Idk why this happens but pls give me a fix.
this was my attempt to do ''overtaking traffic'' and i found it to b more realtistic than having cars not changig lanes at all. But i just made an update on my patreon with no overtaking, feel free to take a look
good mod but they are going too slow, how can i change the ai speed without touching the simulation speed?
its tricky... the overall traffic flow depends on many things and to make changes you have to change different settings in different files but so far there is no perfect solution for that other than choosing less cars

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