60s Prinzen Park

60s Prinzen Park 2023-12-02

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60s Prinzen Park for Assetto Corsa

Track Lenght : Long 3.9 km , Short 3.2 km
Width 10/18 mts
Pit Box 32

At early 50's a few races where held at Prinzen Park, Braunschweig, the races end when it became too dangerous to race around the park, the place itself is just amazing. I recreate a 60's enviroment mostly, but anyway i keep the wild spirit of track, off course track is great for any vintage car, layout looks simple but the ride is real fun!!

Inside the ROAD MESH folder you will find different options
for the bumpiness of the circuit. Copy the file stardust_mesh3d.kn5
(inside the chosen folder, low,med,high,ultra)
inside the main circuit folder, and see which one applies to you. The default is Med.
I use Content Manager + Custom Shader Patch + Sol 2.1/Pure.
Maybe track did not work on "vanilla" AC installs.
Please note sometime the AI will not work if you install track trougth CM.
If thats the case, install track manually.
Drop the folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

Special thanks to : Tim Muttran, Pasta and Yannik Haustein

Thanks to everyone who helped during the development and everyone who supported this circuit.

Enjoy it :)
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Latest reviews

Great work from a sim racing legend. Hosted an event here in my league. High quality and great fun to drive
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
thank you!!
A truly outstanding job. Very detailed and implemented with great diligence. I read about this story for the first time in a local newspaper about a year ago and today there was a new article reporting on the release of the route. So after a 3-year Assetto Corsa break, I reinstalled AC and tried out the track. Great and exciting layout and I didn’t know this story from Braunschweig yet. I am absolutely thrilled with this project! Thank you for the work!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
thank you!!
Details! Everything is in the details. Extra textures suited for your needs, INCLUDED!! Bring your own fun.
I have to agree with previous reviews that have said that the track outline doesn't look like much, but hides an enjoyable flow characterised by enormous straights
and knife-fights-in-a-phonebox masquerading as technical sections. I went in not expecting much from the racing itself, but in a couple of short days, this one is sitting alongside LuccaRing and Adelaide as one of my favourite street circuits.

And this enjoyment sits atop the technical aspects of the mod itself. Sergio's works are always packed to bursting with trackside details that capture a moment in time and make them feel more alive than a stretch of asphalt (and cobblestones and tram tracks) has any right to. But this is undoubtedly the most ambitious display of his craftsmanship, the sheer density of and attention to detail bringing this circuit to life.

And this display of modding prowess sits atop Yannik's detailed research and enthusiasm to see this forgotten, short-lived circuit resurrected.

Prinzen Park really is a beautiful conflux of digital archeology, historical preservation, technical skill, devotion and pure racing enjoyment.

Well done, lads. Well bloody done.
Hi Sergio, I live close to that ancient track, but now it's only a park without motorsports, but your details are invredible, We often use the old trackline for a walking round, our "Prinzenpark race 2023" ;-))Your work is awsome: The buidlings are correct, the streets surfaces are correct, great.
A track that's beautiful to look at and a blast to drive! I've been driving it a lot with the Miker F junior car and it's just awesome! it really gives you that classic 60's street track vibe. Racing is very close and plenty of overtaking opportunities.

I noticed the tram tracks in-between the 2nd and 3rd last corners, were the road is pretty narrow, the AI sometimes drive over them and get launched in the air as their wheels go into the grove of the tracks...
Just amazing sir!! Thank you!!
One of the very best tracks ever made for sim racing. The track is set in a detailed city landscape, which is very hard to get right in AC, but Sergio crushes it. The road texture is especially good, with asphalt, asphalt patches, cobblestones, and tram lines all making up one of the most interesting driving experiences around. Regardless of whether you are into historic or modern racing, this is a top tier track to add to your collection!

Amazing mod and story to go with it. Thank you for this!
Magnificent. An important track for German after war Motorsport gets its rightful and beautiful recreation!
Another masterpiece from the master !

The track outline belies the great flow of this circuit and the attention to detail which becomes more apparent after the occasional off road excursion.

Definately 5 stars !
Excellent work, Thanks!
Another gift to vintage sim racers! Every one of your tracks is just a blast to race on, and this is yet another example. Thank you for all your hard work!
Top quality mod.

At first, I was thinking about the size of the files and it was clear at the first lap I run there. Then I revised every part on it using the free camera to look every detail of the track, the houses, the road, even the football pitch, the sounds. Everything makes it so inmersive.

Lovely work indeed, thank you for the mod!
Surely your most detailed work yet, so many buildings and so much scenery and I've only hit a small percentage of it yet. It's not AC that makes anything possible, it's talented people like yourself and thank you so much for sharing this gift.

The cobblestone surface changes are great and the track has a surprisingly fun flow for a street circuit.
Thanks for the incredibly great work, AC makes everything possible
Thank you.
Is the 2nd file automatically decompressed when extracting the 1st?
Bloody excellent work yet again from the Track meister!
Absolutely FANTASTIC work, as always. I love that you include multiple road mesh options with your tracks, the ultra road mesh is always a wonderful experience. Thank you Sergio for your masterful creations!
Great work ! Unpacking both parts together to desktop and then drag 'm in the tracks map worked fine.
Track is wider than I expected it to be, environment and trees look fine.
Thanks Sergio !

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