A3PP - Beautiful PPfilter for Assetto Corsa

A3PP - Beautiful PPfilter for Assetto Corsa December 2023 (Pure 0.222+)

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Drag&drop zip file inside Content Manager (needs FULL version)
If you have Lite/Free version, you could use JSGME or do a manual installation (see
youtube tutorial)
After every update, disable A3PP and then renable it in Content - Mods
If you have any issue, look into Frequently Asked Questions before posting in discussion section

Open A3PP.zip, select these files under MODS>A3PP and drop them to assettocorsa install folder
How can I enable this mod?
After you've been installed the package via CM or JSGME, go to Settings - Assetto Corsa - Video and set as your Post Processing filter "A3PP"

Wait, why I can see 2 filters with the same name?
The reason is very simple:
A3PP is a new recommended filter for daily driving in Pure weather
A3PP_Photo is ideal for screenshots at the cost of performace
A3PP_Livestream is an experimental filter with reduced gamma for live streaming and recording

I use a triple screen/ultrawide monitor and left/right edge is completely black. What should I do?
Go to assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters\A3PP.ini, open it and set Vignetting strength to 0.
There will be an update of CSP to prevent this issue.

It's too dark/bright when I'm driving!
Look at this image on your PC gaming monitor. You should distinguish black boxes until N°1 or N°4. If it's higher, recalibrate your monitor.

Your mod doesn't work/it's looking bad
Head to discussion tab and I will help you ASAP. Before that, disable A3PP and then renable it in Content - Mods, then try again

What's your CSP setting are you using?


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Latest updates

  1. I'm back

    Dropped Sol support and removed old config app for Sol (you can still download older versions...
  2. No updated A3PP in these months

    Just a quick update: there won't be a new version today (or in the following days), as I'm...
  3. FOR SOL USERS ONLY: Fix blue tint on A3PP and A3PP_Photo

    I'll recommend also to stick to March 2022 update if you don't have latest Pure installed. From...

Latest reviews

best vr quest 3 with pure
Definitely one of the best public filters at the moment, thanks for the update! I have a request, please update the overview there is written very old information, publish new presets csp and video and also tell about A3PP_Livestream filter, I think it would be useful.
Thanks! I forgot about those, I'll update ASAP
Downloaded it several times and manually as well along with dragging it through CM and it didn't show up anywhere, even though it was downloaded. Fixes?
Make sure A3PP.ini is inside assettocorsa/system/cfg/ppfilter first.
If it's not, you may have dragged the wrong folder in the wrong place.
You can use JSGME: drag A3PP folder (from zip) inside assettocorsa/MODS, then open JSGME and enable it. This should work 100% of the time
I use Assetto Corsa on two devices, the gaming PC, as well as a laptop, and just for specs, it's a late 2020 HP, 8 GB RAM, i5-1135G7, Nvidia MX350 (AC running on external Hard Drive for storage reasons). I have tried several types of filters, but this one is the best for me. Gives a more colorful, darker tone, especially if you go to tracks which consist of a lot of trees (like Monza). This also comes with legit no perf issues. Despite being mentioned that "Photo" filter gives good screenshots at a perf loss, I use it since it gives the best look, with no issues at all!! Best bit's during the early morning runs, most tracks look absolutely stunning (well all do tbh). No denying, A3PP is the best of both worlds, performance and eye candy.
Literally the perfect pp filter for a laptop graphics ,if you don’t want to lag but also want to make your AC look good than look no further than this pp filter
Great filter, always was. But is there a chance that there is a update coming? For the newest Pure and SOL Versions? A few small tweaks could be good for the filter, like its a bit too dark, and maybe more sunrays. Besides that, awesome filter.
I need to catch up with latest pure development. This might take several months, so don't hold your breath. In the meantime, you can set up A3PP params using Pure app
Not sure what i'm doing wrong but i tried this filter and everything looks way too dark. I'm using latest SOL and CSP 1.80 preview. Even tried cranking the sunlight up in the APP3 app and made little difference?
Amazing! Where Can I download previous versions?
Click on History tab near download button
Absolutely best filter ever...no doubt.
Great job!
  • Clauz
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: March 2022 (Sol 2.2.2 beta 3+, Pure 0.76+)
Great Job mate!! thanks!!!
  • pao
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: February 2022 (Sol 2.2.1+, Pure 0.68+)
Wow! Awesome PPfilter tho.
this is the best ppfilter ever!! no doubt!!!
Best PPfilter. I raised max/min brightness to 200/95 and it's perfect.
Best PPFilter with no doubts!!!
  • pao
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: November 2021 (Sol 2.1.3/2.2 beta 6+, Pure 0.32)
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: November 2021 (Sol 2.1.3/2.2 beta 6+, Pure 0.32)
Epic! looks amazing with Pure 0.32
  • steu
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: November 2021 (Sol 2.1.3/2.2 beta 6+, Pure 0.32)
Perfect for me, thanks !
This is still my go to PP Filter. Very nice update. Looks quite natural. Nothing too vibrant and glaring like many other filters.
Thanks a lot!

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