ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin

ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin 1.4.5

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This is an ACC specific (at least at the moment) leaderboard plugin providing simple switching between overall/class/relative leaderboards.

The reason for this plugin is that I found myself creating effectively the same dash leaderboard layout several times for overall leaderboard and then again for class leaderboard and so on. With this plugin you need to create only one SimHub dash and assign buttons to swap between different leaderboard types. Also there seem to be some issues with SimHub's ACC leaderboard data, which I set on to fix with this plugin.

  • Connect directly to ACC broadcasting server to have most control and try to provide reliable results.
  • Provide a way to switch between leaderboard types on a single dash screen with a single click.
    • Also provide gaps and lap deltas that change based on currently selected leaderboard
  • Provide more leaderboard types (see here).
  • Calculate bunch of new properties (see here) or download the plugin as they are also mostly listed under the settings tab).
  • More stable calculation of gaps between the cars (no more gap changing by seconds depending if you are in the corner or straights).

Included with this download is an example dash (named AccDynLeaderboard). It's relatively simple one and designed to be used on smartphone.

Other dashboards available using this plugin:

Using the plugin for the first time
  • Download the latest release from here or GitHub. Note that the GitHub page may also have beta versions of upcoming releases, if you wish to test them out.
  • To install provided dashboard run "AccDynLeaderboard_v8.simhubdash"
  • Copy all the files from folder SimHub to the SimHub root
  • Open SimHub and enable the plugin
  • Check plugin settings for correct "ACC configuration location" under "General settings". If it's background is green, then we found needed files, if it's red there's something wrong with the location. We need to find the file "...\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config\broadcasting.json". It is used to read information needed to connct to ACC broadcasting client.
  • If you needed to change the location, restart SimHub.
  • Go to "Controls and events" from SimHub sidebar and add mappings for "DynLeaderboardsPlugin.Dynamic.NextLeaderboard" and "DynLeaderboardsPlugin.Dynamic.PreviousLeaderboard" actions.
    For mapping to controller inputs you need to enable "Controllers input" plugin and to keyboard inputs "Keyboard Input" plugin.
  • Now the AccDynLeaderboard dash should work.

Starting from version v1.3.0, this plugin needs at least SimHub v8.3.0 to work. ACC 1.9.3 needs at least 1.3.2 version of this plugin to fully function. ACC 1.9.6 needs at least 1.4.0 version of this plugin.

More detailed information

I'm not going to write everything twice so for more information head over to the docs. That describes available options, properties, how to create multiple leaderboards and troubleshooting for known issues.

I also tried to write as much directly into the SimHub settings page, so the information needed should also be directly available inside SimHub.


When reporting issues, please include as much information as possible. This will help to solve any issues much faster.

Before posting turn on Log option in the plugin settings menu and reproduce the issue. Add the generated log file in SimHub/Logs to the post.

If there is an issue with dashboard, a screenshot could prove very helpful.

If at all possible I'd prefer issues to be reported on GitHub, just to keep them clean and all in one place. If not possible the discussion thread here will do.

Closing notes

I hope someone else finds some use for this. For questions or suggestions feel free to write here or in GitHub.

Latest updates

  1. Ford Mustang GT3

    Added Support Ford Mustang GT3 which was added in ACC v1.10.2.
  2. v1.4.4

    Fixed Missing properties after a fresh install of the plugin on first SimHub start.
  3. 1.4.3

    Fixed N24 wrong track id Improve detection of in/out laps First hotlap wrongly shown as out lap...

Latest reviews

Awesome leaderboard plugin!
switching leaderboard types on the fly works really good,
plugin configuration is very well documented, easy to configure

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