ACSPRH V1 | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa

ACSPRH V1 | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa V1

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ACSPRH V1 | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa
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Finally, thanks to Shader Patch it's possible to change helmets for each skin. This means that every driver can have his custom helmet, adding more realism to the game.
All the instructions are in the readme file and in the texture guide.

Special thanks:
@jvinu2000 for letting me use his models
@CC for his help

This is an old version and won't be updated anymore!
I'll leave it here anyway if someone still want use it :thumbsup:

F1 2023 helmet pack:

Latest reviews

Thx so much. Any chance for a Sabine Schmitz helmet!? A complete driver figure to her memory is my dream still.
Superb. Thanks for the work also for the others involved. One small thing, inside the Ho Pin Tung skin, the drivername reades Mike Conway.

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