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AF Corse WEC 2014 #71 Ferrari 458 GT2 2014-11-12

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AF Corse #71 car as driven by Davide Rigon and James Calado in the FIA WEC GT2 class 2014 Championship.

acShowroom 2014-11-12 19-23-21-09.jpg
acShowroom 2014-11-12 19-22-53-92.jpg
acShowroom 2014-11-12 19-21-47-21.jpg
acShowroom 2014-11-12 19-21-59-50.jpg

In the zip are two folders, one in 8192 x 8192 and one 4096 x 4096, open the folder and you will see another folder named AF_Corse_WEC_2014_71, simply drop it into your

X:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458_gt2\skins folder

Many thx to ML2166 for the template and bits (tyres etc)
I have placed the AC 'default' helmet and driver suit in to prevent the plain white set.

Hope you all like it.

Latest reviews

Very good livery, thank you very much.
Looks very slick, like it very much ,)
Awesome !
five stars. Be cause, perfect..
Chris 576
Chris 576
Many thx
Wonderful,thank you.
Chris 576
Chris 576
Cheers mate
Marvelous, thank you so much for this great addition ! ;-)
Chris 576
Chris 576
Thank you Elio
Now look what you have done.....Gave me a new #1

these's are the colours I like.......Lets go racing
Chris 576
Chris 576
Cheers BernL
Wow fantastic , I love this car with this skin ....thanks mate!
Wow, looks gorgeous.
Chris 576
Chris 576
Thx mate

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