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AIW Fix for Toronto 2007 1.0

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This is an AIW file ONLY. It is an updated AIW for use with the excellent Toronto 2007 v1.1 track by IDT Simulations (originally for rFactor, & converted to GSC by Smokey1226).

(I made it for GSC but I believe it will work perfectly well in rFactor)

This circuit by IDT Simulations is superb, & the AIW is not bad, depending on which car mod is being used, but it just needed one or two AI behaviours sorting out to make it really enjoyable for offline use.

In particular I wanted to race an Indycar mod without getting yellow flags every other lap. I am really happy with the result, it turns this into one of my favourite street circuits so I wanted to share it, hoping someone else gets some enjoyment from it :)

Although it's just a replacement AIW file, out of courtesy I checked anyway with Doug of IDT Simulations, and he is happy for me to upload this alternative AIW file, thanks Doug.

To install, simply replace the original Toronto07.AIW file with this new one.
**Make a backup first in case you want to return to the original**

1) fixes the AI often hitting the inside wall as they go along the curving back stretch.
2) fixes the AI hitting the wall on the inside of turn 3 and turn 8
3) uses a simplified pit row, some of the original AI were driving from the rear paddock and crashing in pit lane - this file removes the AI from the rear paddock, and places 27 pit slots along pit lane instead.
4) also fixes AI hitting adjacent cars parked in pit lane.
5) improves slightly on AI cars entering pit lane

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Awesome! Thanks Keith!

Definitely makes offline racing at Toronto much better now. Been to many a race in T.O. in the '90s!! My fav era and cars to race with.

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