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AIW Library_Open 2023-06-16

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Hello everyone!

I'm opening this post so everyone can share their AIW. At first, through brief discussions, I thought of a different template for this AIW library, but I think I was traveling too far and gladly accepted the suggestion of MJQT, who presented me with this forum: which I recognize to be a simpler way to transition our AIW. Please feel free to use this space to request and submit your AIW.

In this first post I want to offer an AIW for a new circuit that was launched at this link: Brasil Raceway ( Such is the example of what I say how important it is to have this space, because for my MOD, CTDP2005, the two AIW that came in the set are totally inadequate, maybe they are good for another type of MOD, but not for mine.... So I made some small adjustments (I still do not know if it is ideal, but the cars no longer roll over and the best time is around 1.20.XXX) and I am offering to those who are interested in knowing, both the circuit and the proposal of what this library is. I wish that many participants will emerge to order and post their AIW from the countless RF circuits that already exist and that are in the factory and will soon emerge.

I'm open to discussions about how we can improve this library, but right now, I'm jumping on the idea.

So stick with my first AIW (of course I hope you can improve it for me and others, after all, I'm just curious on the subject, I know there are several other driver-engineers capable of producing better work and I count on everyone to perform and improve our gameplay on as many circuits as possible!)

I approved the file and attached also the Xpit (in and out) which I do not know why they are too narrow.


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