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AJ Allmendinger NASCAR Xfinity Wins Carset | EuroNASCAR Nashville Update

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The biggest set I've done so far is here, and it's a set of every Xfinity win for my favourite driver AJ Allmendinger. There's 14 skins total, each made as close to the real schemes ran as I could make them. There's some limitations that come with using the EuroNASCAR body as it's not the same as an Xfinity car but I tried to keep the skins as faithful to the real things as I could. Big thanks to Pessio for this excellent mod.
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If you want to check out my other skins you can find them here - I've made all sorts of NASCAR stuff for the RSS Hyperion and EuroNASCAR and will have more coming.

Latest updates

  1. Nashville #10 car added

    Adds Allmendinger's #10 "Bailey Zimmerman" Nashville winning car.

Latest reviews

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!
Very Nice-Have you tried the mods of the FB Nascar Group?
I've heard of them but have had mixed opinions from others, so I've steered away from them for the time being

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