The Money Team #50 BitNile '22 | AN NextGen Chevrolet Camaro

The Money Team #50 BitNile '22 | AN NextGen Chevrolet Camaro V1.1

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This is probably the only other car I'll make for the AN NextGen cars. Despite it being a crypto sponsor, Conor Daly's ROVAL ride for The Money Team was a great looking car.

daly card.png

Featuring race accurate sponsors and the pink window net used at the ROVAL, this car is about as close to what was on track as I could get it.

Thanks to Camo Creative on Stunod for the b-pillar reference.

NOTE: In the picture above, the c-pillar frame is black rather than light blue. This has been fixed for the version you can download now.

Latest updates

  1. Small hotfix

    Adjusted Camaro logo on the rear of the car. Fixed typo on the hood logo.

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