Alcazaba Speed Ring (GTL version)

Alcazaba Speed Ring (GTL version) 2023-01-03

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Alcazaba Speed Ring

Conversion from rFactor for GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

I don't got to contact with Ricardo Ocaña, the original author for rFactor version. In the main folder of this track there is Read Me file with email contact. Unfortunity he didn't answer me. So I first want to thank to Ricardo Ocaña for creating this awesome track. I leave all the credits to him for doing a great job on this track. We thank you for this great job! Congratulations !

Known Issues:

In night races, mainly at the beginning of the track, images keep appearing flashing in the form of triangles... in black color... I don't know why this happens, nor do I know how to correct it. Anyone who knows, let me know.

For those who have an error on the track, download and use this specialfx.tec file (paste it in the Locations folder):

When the original creator of the track identifying this conversion to GTL and request their removal from any website hosted by me, this will be done immediately, therefore, hosting on another website without my knowledge is not allowed.

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return. Have fun ! This is enough.

Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTL. Enjoy !!!

Sergio Hundo

screen GTL 01.jpg

screen GTL 02.jpg

screen GTL 03.jpg

Latest reviews

I haven't googled or researched whether this is a 'fantasy' track or real life track.
Regardless, for the better and worse, it is an UBER-long Formula 1 type circuit (13 miles).
I'm not against uber-long circuits -- the 'old' Nurburgring was very very long and probably still is, to this date, the best, challenging and MOST FUN circuit for the PC I've ever raced on: Great variety with turns, elevation change, dangerous track, lots of bumps and irregularities, etc.

For being a purely more 'modern type' Formula 1 circuit, "Alcazaba" is just a little too long for my tastes...
If it was more of an 'old school' racing track or a highway track, it probably would work for me but Alcazaba isn't quite a 'keeper' for me.

The textures and graphic quality are very very good...
sergio hundo
I'm glad you liked the textures and graphic quality. Really, every track is different from the other, although they have similar styles. The important thing is that we can make the most of them. Thanks !!!
Great track, thank you!
I'm always glad to see a new track for GTL.
sergio hundo
And I'm always happy when I read a comment like that. Others will come. Thx, m8 !

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