Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti 1.5.0 Version. (late July '22)

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Update of the original mod with credits to its author André Kardol, to which we add lights, conditioning and remap textures, new physics, new skins, internal glass, among other details.
Being a public mod, we let you download the update for FREE!




Latest updates

  1. Released 1.5.0 July '22 Version

    thanks for the collaborators of RD. this time, we update the old alfa romeo giulia ti. Update...

    Final Update of the original mod with credits to its author André Kardol, to which we add...
  3. Next upgrade 1.3.0 reviews

    Cockpit upgrade: seats, steeringwheel, indicators, roll cage, etc. External upgrades: car...

Latest reviews

Many Thankys!
Great Job!
merci beaucoup
bella...peccato che quando la metto in AC non funziona
  • pao
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.5.0 Version. (late July '22)
Perfetto, a breve metto su un server di sole Alfa, ottimo lavoro!!
These small improvements and the new skins have done this vehicle really well. Good job!!!
I find this car very enjoyable to drive. Thank you very much. I noticed on my install today that the AI cars do not want to shift beyond 2nd gear. I was able to fix this by changing the ai.ini file to indicate an upshigt at 6200 rpms instead of the 8250. Thanks again for the car!
ivan paoloni
ivan paoloni
gracias, es un buen dato. saludos
Excellent work, a vehicle with very period details.
Great fun for street running in Italy with friends.
ivan paoloni
ivan paoloni
Wow, so much fun and evocative of the era! Thanks and nice job!
Probably the most fun I've had sim racing. Jon
semplicemente spettacolare.. ben rifinita, ottimo suono bello cattivo ad alti giri e comportamento bellissimo, stile di guida vecchia scuola, tante correzioni, sovrasterzo, doppiette, sfrizionate, molto analogica.. sulle strade di montagna come ad esempio la trento bondone è una goduria... forse la migliore mod mai provata, sicuramente sul podio!
Most excellent!!! Thank you!!
Thanks for making this available to AC :-)
this really excellent, well done,
Great little car. Thank you.
Sembra un buona occasione mancata ,l'auto purtroppo ha i dati crittografati e ci sono molte cose che non e' possibile correggere : intesita' delle luci dei freni troppo elevata ,ombre auto sbagliate ecc.
ivan paoloni
ivan paoloni
Puoi provare a crearne uno tu stesso, perdendo molte ore di lavoro per caricarlo su download gratuiti! Buona notte :)
  • pao
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti 1.3.0 FINAL VERSION
0k Nice =)
Nice work! The "vintage detuned" version sounds like a great idea!
Very good looking model. Although, my only suggestion/request would be to create a version detuned to be more period correct in running amongst vintage grids?

At the moment, this thing is comically outpacing a majority of any cars from its era (TCL/ACL packs, amongst other models). So even halving the bhp to 120 is still pretty hot for what a typical racing Super would have made back in the day.
ivan paoloni
ivan paoloni
Thank you so much! we will consider your suggestion!

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