Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX V3 gloves

Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX V3 gloves 1.2

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Alpinestars gloves, 6 official colors (black_blue, black_grey, black_orange, black_yellow, red, white_red) and 6 other colors (blue, fluo, green_yellow, grey_green, navy_red, pink) . I pretty much made them as part of my F1 2023 pack but might as well make the non-F1 gloves too.



How to use: unzip and move content folder to AC main folder, then in skin folder edit skin.ini e.g. GLOVES=\alpinestars_tech1_zx_v3\black_orange OR move texture and normalmaps to skin folder

Gloves can be included in a skin

I also made other gloves, check out gloves pack that has them all in a single download

Latest reviews

Your glove sets are amazing, thanks for making and releasing these!
You can never go wrong with more glove options. Thank you very much, exactly what I've been looking for!
GOAT as always!!

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