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Alternate 2ol4-"closer" Toro Rosso wheel (HD) 2.0

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Alternate F1 2014 Toro Rosso Steering Wheel, HD only (4096 x 4096)

f1_2013_2014_04_11_13_25_38_047.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_11_13_25_42_718.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_11_13_25_50_056.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_11_15_18_18_422.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_11_15_18_48_380.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_11_22_28_52_758.jpgf1_2013_2014_04_11_15_20_24_559.jpg

This mod gives your 2014-modded game's Toro Rosso cars a fictional steering wheel alternative in HD only (4096 x 4096). A 1oo% realistic 1 is not possible to make, since it's still a 2013 game, and binary-files coordinate numbers would take years-or-decades to find & test. Better wait 4 the 2014 version... :(

Warning: Installing the 4 files inside the simplefonts folder of this mod will also change the dashboard of many Classic-mode 80-90's cars, so make sure you do backup your current simplefonts folder in a safe location b4 installing this mod, in case you might want to restore them later on.

To install:

1- Backup your existing files in both the Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\interiors\tr2 and Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\simplefonts folders.

2- Copy the f12013 folder of this mod to your (recommended) fictional 2014-modded installation's Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folder.

To restore your own backed-up files:

1- Copy both the f12013\interiors\tr2 and f12013\simplefonts you backed-up safely and carefully b4 installing this mod (as stated at #1- above).

To restore the F1 2013 game's original files:

1- Copy the f12013 folder provided inside this mod's backup folder to your installation's Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folder.

Credits to 3 awesome RD-modding Artists:

Special thanks to @chargingcar for his mind-blowing Steering Wheels HD mods & 3D templates, 4 the help he gave me, and the generous permission to use them. Without all these, this mod might have never seen the light. :)

Special thanks to @auroboros for his mind-blowing PCU-8D-mod file, and his kind permission, without which this mod would definitely not be anything like. Also, his PCU-6D mod 2 use with other 2014 cars not equiped with PCU-8Ds (Red Bull & Force India & Williams & Caterham & Marussia & Lotus) "yet" (which also would prefer a proper "restoration" of the simplefonts folder's 4 files) can be downloaded at:

Special thanks to @lyolik for his also mind-blowing Realistic LED Display Module mods, in this case, his (15x1) masks & pods files, and his sure kind permission to use them. His alternate (5x3) and other goodies can be seen at:

For other OLED-color combinations than All White (All Black, and Black & Blue, in particular), get them at:

For the all-white OLED-color combination (and other goodies), it's highly recommended to install a No glare mod from the Enhanced Graphics Plus package by @Winner, at:

For my 2014 interior plate add-on, download it from this tab page:

Edit: Special Thanks to everyone involved in the making & testing of the Ryder PSSG Editor tools. :inlove: Without their dedicated work, this mod would not even exist 2 begin with.

Enjoy your fictional ride with this 'dirty' SNOWMAN wheel 2013-2014 "hybrid" ;)
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Latest updates

  1. 2014-closer Toro Rosso's "BLACK STALLION" Steering Wheel version V2 in HD :)

    Warning: Installing the 4 files inside the simplefonts folder of this mod will also change the...

Latest reviews

Very good, Will you be able to make the actual 2014 Williams steering wheel?
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! There are 3 labels on it I looked around for hours to make 100% invisible, but everything I tried failed, so since it's a 'dirty' fictional steering wheel, I gave up searching and uploaded it as is. I will study the possibilities to make that Williams, but as you know, this game is a 2013 one, and many changes are not possible, unless perhaps someone knows how to change the meshes's binary data... and just trying to locate it could take decades (to me, that is). Better wait six months for the official 2014 release sometimes.
thank you
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! There are others in the works if all tests go well.
Nice ;)
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! More in the works if all goes well! =D
Awesome ! :D
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Awesome U 2!! =D Thank You for your kind permission, lyolik, 'cause without it, this wheel cannot be made available for 2014-modded game players! :)
great wheel, just look at the thing!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
It's just for fun, and Toro Rosso (Sebastien Buemi) love to ride in sub-zero temperatures :) =>
Very very good job. Just a small little piece of carbon on the bottom and it would be *10 stars.
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! Just a swap gift from the Lotus interiors :) and just hoping the official game will make these wheels as close 2 reality as we want them 2 be! Don't drop the ball again, cm.... LOL (Toro Rosso + Sauber + Mercedes + McLaren + Ferrari far... We Want PAGES of USEFUL informations Displayed on them!)

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