Assetto Corsa Burnout Paradise AI Traffic Mod

Assetto Corsa Burnout Paradise AI Traffic Mod 1.0

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This is AI traffic mod for Burnout Paradise map conversion.
You can find map at Discord: Assetto Project Burnout.
Map is covered with AI lanes everywhere I wanted it to be.

Minor issues:

- There is no implemented traffic light system at the moment, so on big intersections, AI causes traffic jams. Therefore I don't recommend exceeding 100 cars, 60 is optimum.
- JSON file is over 2MB large. Spawning too many AI cars too far away from driver causes traffic simulation to crash (AI freezes). Using "spawn cars nearby only" seems to solve the issue.

Installation: READ CAREFULLY

Manually drag files to:
as shown on picture.
Bez tytułu.png

Important: make sure you have csp-traffic-planner working with "data" folder in it.

By default I have put files into Bay Heights spawn layout. However, you can put these files on two other layouts as well, just make sure that files goes into "data" folder.


by Tominator21 for instalation details - he has created great guide.

Make sure you have newest Custom Shaders Patch version installed. Otherwise, it might cause sim/whole game to crash.

Here's quick preview:

Have fun!
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Latest updates

  1. Map completed

    Finally, it's done. File now is over 2 MB so when initially launching, traffic planner and...
  2. Highway traffic + some of countryside

    Added traffic on highway, contryside is yet not done in 100%, next update will most likely be...

Latest reviews

Thanks for mod but it doesnt work even ı did everything.
Thank u so much for this !
A map of this size really needs this to not feel so empty and lonely. You're a legend for making this :)
Thanks for your solid efforts bro! We are one step closer to a completely other game inside assetto corsa.

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