Atco Dragway New Jersey

Atco Dragway New Jersey 2022-12-22

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Replica of Real location Drag Strip in Atco New Jersey

Autor : El Ultimo Elemento
3D modeling : El Ultimo Elemento
csp & extention : El Ultimo Elemento

ligth fx, water fx, smoke, sounds, and more csp and more updates comming soonView attachment 625234
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  1. Atco Raceway

    fix fome bugs

Latest reviews

1 suggestion, (if it's possible) to have the actual lap drag lap time instead of the default time, I really love the map though, would just love to see it like it is in real life :)
Broken doesn't download, corrupt textures and objects
El Ultimo Elemento
El Ultimo Elemento
sorry that happend to you mabe you was trying to do other think and the trasck is encripted for safty , mabe download the lates CSP migth be that
Thank you. Love the this track!!
My Dad and I use kunos "Time of Day" app to race. Is there a way to sync start lights to time of day?
El Ultimo Elemento
El Ultimo Elemento
sadlu no there no wa yet but there an app called ligth app u can only use it on race mode in server seting i have the step to install and us it on my discord, thanks for the suppor glad you like it
This is really cool - Atco is legendary! Very pleasant surprise to be able to explore it in AC. Thanks for your hard work!!
le doi a descargar y solo me aparece una foto no se descarga
El Ultimo Elemento
El Ultimo Elemento
i fix it thanks

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