Autodrome de Miramas 1924-1932

Autodrome de Miramas 1924-1932 1.0.0

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  1. Requires CSP for layout-specific configs and for RainFX. Track should still work fine with Vanilla AC, but will be missing some visual elements in the 1926 and 1932 layouts. I think there were some flickering issues with the mountains that I fixed through config that will pop up without CSP, and there may be some other issues that appear without CSP.
  2. I have separated the spectators into their own KN5 file, so if you’re someone who likes racing without spectators, you can easily delete or rename “spectators.kn5” to get rid of them.
  3. AI are a bit slower than I would like at the GP layouts, mainly because they struggled with the chicanes. It was a balance between speed and consistency, and I prioritized less crashing over faster times through the chicanes. Someone who’s more experienced at making AI lines might be able to improve the GP AI, but they’re about as good as I can make them.

After nearly a year of work, I’m proud to present the Autodrome de Miramas, a race circuit in southern France that opened in 1924 and hosted racing until 1933. To start, here’s a brief history of the circuit:

The Miramas Autodrome was built in 1924 as a result of a collaboration between l’Automobile Club de Marseille and the famous French racing driver Paul Bablot. It was supposed to hold the 1924 Grand Prix de Provence, but this event was not held, and instead some minor events for cyclecars were held in 1924. An extremely slow chicane was installed just before the south curve in 1925, and an identical chicane was installed before the north curve in 1926. Two races were held at the one-chicane GP circuit, one in 1925 and one in 1926. Two races were also held at the two-chicane layout, once in 1926 and once in 1927.

The circuit itself is a 5-kilometer (3.11 mile) -long concrete oval, with the two curves on either end banked at a very slight 2 degrees. It was then, and to this day still is the longest oval circuit ever used in major automobile competition, an impressive record for a circuit built in 1924. Its other claim to fame is that it hosted two of the worst fiascos in Grand Prix history: the 1926 Grand Prix de Automobile Club de France, and the 1927 Grand Prix de Provence.

The 1926 event was a disaster where the only starters were the 3 factory Bugattis, and after nearly 5 hours of “racing” Jules Goux was the only finisher. The 1927 race was even wilder. The race was postponed multiple hours while the organizers tried to wait out continuous pouring rain. After a series of qualifying “races” where the drivers heavily sandbagged just to qualify, Robert Benoist crashed the only Delage on a reconnaissance lap. The Talbot team then withdrew their cars just before the start. The crowd, which had been soaking in the rain for hours, was enraged at being deprived of the main competitors, and invaded the track after only a few laps, causing the race to be suspended after just 5 laps.

The combined disaster of these two events led to the collapse of the promoting company, and the circuit never developed to the prominence it deserved. This wasn’t quite the end of racing on the circuit though. After a 4-year hiatus the Grand Prix de Provence was held again in 1932 on the oval circuit, but its return was short-lived, and the 1933 edition was the final Grand Prix held at the circuit. It lay mostly dormant with occasional events until the 1980s, when it was bought by BMW and converted into a test track. The original oval was repaved in asphalt, but the two chicanes still exist today as they were in the 1920s.




AI has been optimized for the Delage 15S8. Faster cars should be fine through the chicanes, but slower cars might be a bit too slow at the chicanes for the GP circuits. I don’t anticipate any issues on the oval layouts.

The track has four layouts, representing the circuit in 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1932. The 1924 and 1932 layouts are both the 5 km oval circuit. The 1925 layout is 5.05 km long and has one chicane at the south end of the circuit. The 1926 layout is 5.1 km long and has identical chicanes at both ends of the circuit.

There weren’t any brake markers around the circuit in real life (that I could tell, anyway), but picking out a braking point for the very tight chicanes without them is very difficult, particularly with the relatively poor brakes of the kinds of cars that would have raced here. To make racing easier but still maintain the proper feel, I have placed sandbags before the chicanes at 400m, 300m, 200m, and 100m for easier braking reference. They are pretty subtle, so keep your eyes open for them. The tire marks start at about the braking point for the Delage 15S8 as a secondary reference point.

Track surface is a very rough, grippy concrete. Pitlane is a tightly packed dirt. The track was made using 5m resolution LIDAR data with significant smoothing. Buildings and trackside objects were recreated to the best of my ability using images from the period.

I first started on the track before I started work on the Delage, and then put it on hold while I finished the car up. I then decided to start over from scratch as I was a lot less experienced when I first worked on it and the files I had weren’t too good. I started on the project again in earnest in October of 2021, and have since put in around about 1000 hours of work into developing the track. I hope you enjoy the track, and happy racing!

Latest reviews

Fast and excellent circuit, detailed, very cool to drive! A quality addition for Assetto corsa!

Un grand merci :)
This is super-amazing, the atmosphere is great and feels more lifelike.
The wonderful buildings and cars around the track, the billboards, the carefully selected spectators and the beautiful track surface make this track another very valuable contribution to an era of racing, that finally seems to get the sim racing content it always deserved.
its good just that the ai are slowing for no reason at the end of the oval turns
Only five stars? Too bad, I would have added more!
Seriously, really congratulations for this circuit. I admit that I did not know its existence until a year ago, when you started talking about it. So now, after having run a lot in this circuit, I congratulate you. Maybe it can be boring for some due to the lack of variety of landscape, but it is when you stop to observe the details that you really appreciate the great work done!
So, I once again congratulate you for the passion you put into creating this racetrack not known to all, and to make us experience a bit like we raced in those distant times.

Ps, I know you have recently finished the job but ... Do you have other projects in mind? Like, any cars besides the (great) Delage?
Je test est repasse.
Sinon merci d'avance si je repasse pas dans les hrs a venir
I love this track ! Running very smooth online with traffic, come have a look : search "trackday vr" you'll find, or you can find me at
A wonderful piece of history, here. This kind of content are the most precious indeed, it's always a pleasure to (re)discover the forgotten past of motor racing.
The representation of the track over the years is truly a classy touch. Congratulations and thank you very much!
Great racetrack of a long forgotten era.
along with the Delage and the Avus with the banked turn, it brings back memories of an old racing game that accurately reflected that era.
I just don't remember what it was called, but it was from microprose.
That gives 5 stars
Sorry I can't help you there, but I'm glad to help bring back some pleasant memories!
Mega effort. I look forward to seeing whatever you do in the future!
Thank you so much!
Fantastic work. The circuit is really enjoyable. The only problem is that the AI pilots slow down abnormally in the turns and that's a shame. Is there a way to correct this defect?
I honestly don't know. I had real trouble with the AI missing the turns entirely, and it was also hard to get AI working for both fast cars and slow cars at the same time. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at making AI lines. Someone else might be able to do better, but for right now this is the best that I can do.
Superb! Amazing work
Thank you!
What a gift to those of us who love vintage racing in AC! Words fail -- simply outstanding. Totally authentic atmosphere, perfect road feel, unbelievable attention to detail. Just completed a 1920s race here and was in heaven every minute. And it's almost as much fun checking out all the little touches in the buildings, crowds, and surroundings with the free camera as it is actually racing. THANK YOU for bringing this incredible piece of racing history to us!
You are most certainly welcome! Happy to hear you're enjoying it so much :)
The only word that can describe it: FANTASTIC!

Congrats on having recreated the track where many forgotten motorsport legends were able to demonstrate their skills, the ones like Goux, Segrave and Divo.

Thank you so much!
Thank you for this incredible piece of motorsport history! I can already tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time slinging some old classics around this track. Attention to detail is amazing!
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!
it's undoubtedly a fantastic track, it makes you feel those vintage vibes, its dirt pit lane, the pitcrew inside their pitboxes, the concrete textures and road surface all adds up to make a 10 point track. I have to say I had a moment in Turn 1 stepping the grass and went straight to the spectators, there must be some injured, thats for sure lol
Haha, I've done that MANY times in testing.
Very period feel to this track, excellent work. Thank you.
Thank you!
A thousand hours well-spent; the level of detail in this track for what is only your second Assetto Corsa mod is astounding, especially for an era of racing with data so hard to come by.
Very much appreciate the kind words. A lot of love went into the project!

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