Autodrome Lago Maggiore TV Camera set

Autodrome Lago Maggiore TV Camera set FINAL 2.0

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UPDATE : Cameras for other layouts has been added. Enjoy! :D

I brought new camera set lads....
This time it's for the beautiful Autodrome Lago Maggiore from Gran Turismo Sport by "nobody" which you can get here. (The ones in the README files are obsolete).

Just extract the ZIP into Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa folder.

Latest updates

  1. Major camera overhaul updates

    In accordance to the latest update of the track mod. - Fixed the FOV levels (all layouts) -...
  2. Added the remaining cameras on other layouts

    Got nothing to do anyway so I decide to finish it immediately.... - Added new set of cameras on...

Latest reviews

Thank you very much. It's great to have a good camera set now for this fantastic track.
good cams, thx
You're welcome, enjoy...! :)

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