Autodromo di Franciacorta

Autodromo di Franciacorta 1.0

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How can such a small track be so fun to drive? Racing lines are fun in multiple classes.
non mi apre il file nel gioco , ho la pista ma nel momento che avvio la pratica non funzione, anche sul circuito di melbourne
Ho girato in moto e posso dire che è uguale alla realtà!!
A very nice track ! I discovered that track with your mod, very fun to drive !
absolutely fantastic. you have done a really good job
thank you so much.
I have been there several times tjough as spectator or passanger and i can say that this mod is a great work.
In 2018 the track has been modified, the second chicane is now bypassed.
One of my favourite local tracks and an absolutely great AC version!
Nice job, good graphics and details. But you need to fix the AI line mainly in the main straight.
perfect , beautiful. only one problem, when i do a race with AI the opposing brake and change direction on finish line
great track
The graphics are on the average level but the nice road feel and the enjoyable layout make for an overall good track.
Very nice track layout - something for my taste. The roadmesh is quite good too, graphics are also not bad but I took 1 star for average optimisation. I have 40~50fps less than on Kunos'es tracks and that's too big difference.
Very good circuit gor driving and more enjoyable with small cars. I've just noticed that you can fall off the circuit in the penultimate turn if you put the car on the grass area on the inside of it. Someone else has noticed this issue? I hope it can be fixed
Nice track, but would it be possible to change the thickness of the high voltage lines (that's what they are right ?), they look like fences in the air now.
Thank you Tiago!
nice work again tiago love it only the track surface seems to smooth almost no bumps is this correct?
Top work as always lovin the layout.But yes AI seems to have strange lines,just try it with RUF yellowbird,Mazda RX7 Tuned& NSX-R they go too much wide and off track.Worst is after T2
very good work , thanks

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