Bahrain Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension

Bahrain Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension 3.0 [FINAL]

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This will be the Final update for the 2022 extension.

It won't be updated here anymore.​

All my 2022 mods can be found here :

2022 Grand Prix layout
Watch the video, the screenshots, everything you see is in the extension.

Tower animations demo

This extension is a full overhaul which includes environment for :
  • Formula 1 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix
This extension is designed for the track bahrain_2020.

No track link will be shared here as it isn't allowed by RD

Installation procedure can be found at the end of this post.

A lot of add-ons including :
  • All the 2022 billboards (including new Pirelli 150 billboards and animation)
  • All the2022 ground sponsors
  • All the brake markers
  • Updated DRS Zones
  • New T8 kerb appearance
  • New crew guys addons on pitlane
  • Animation billboards and bridges
  • All Animations including tower
  • Bridges updates
  • Animation billboards and bridges
  • Rolex clock model with realtime dynamic hands and lights
  • Updated gantries
  • And a lot more...







Install procedure :
  • Unzip the content of the file in your assetto corsa folder (backup and overwrite files if needed)
  • if it doesn't work, you probably have a wrong version of the track or the extension folder is not where it needs to be.
Custom Shaders Patch is needed.
stFlow is required for animated display.

Latest updates

  1. Final update

    This will be the Final update for the 2022 extension. It won't be updated here anymore. For...
  2. 2022 Grand Prix latest changes

    2022 Grand Prix latest changes General optimization Improved animated flags Updated pit lane...
  3. Grand Prix 2022 update

    All new content based on friday practice sessions

Latest reviews

No words
Looks very good. For the folks that have the same problem I had in the comments. This is only an extension to the track mod; the link to get the track could be found in the video's description.
Can someone please tell me where i can get the track? I only can get wrong versions... :(
Hi, this is the first mod I install. As soon a I try to start a race or some practice, Content manager says "a critical error has occured; can't have 0 cars ini". what can I do? The stars I'm giving have no meaning
Excellent as always! Thanks alot!!
The Good the Not Bad and the Not Ugly
Perfect, thanks for all the great effort.
Not a criticism but I also experienced quite a long loading time like Daniel Paez mentioned. I thought I didsomething wrong and forced shut down AC. Still well worth the waiting time, I guess all those cool animated graphics are causing the delay.
Really cool, love it.
If your having issues, as posted in the instructions. You may have the wrong track, which happened to me.
And also make sure to install "stFlow"
Spectacular work! Especially about the Sakhir tower.
And banners continue to evolve in their texture.
My only doubt is that this version 2.0 takes a long time to load the track. I don't know if you can see that detail.
Guys !!! Im racing in VR is there anything i have to do to get the Royal tower lights to work ?? the tower that shows all of the F1 brands lit up ?? this is amazing by the way !!!
Great to be starting from the first race of a new season -Your work and attention to detail gets better and better - Thank you for all your hard work in making AC F1 more immersive
Outstanding in every way.
amazing big thx :)
Unbelievable, that's magic - again. Thank you!
Just awesome!
You´re a true wizard. Unbelievable work. Thank you so much!
0k =)

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