Ben's Delta Overlay

Ben's Delta Overlay 1.0.1

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Ben's Delta Overlay

This is a Sim Hub iRacing overlay used to show your delta time & delta speed relative to your session's best lap.

It's a better alternative to iRacing's delta bar by making the delta speed a separate box that's easier to read.

When in a race, the overlay will show your gap to the opponent ahead and behind. The color will change based on the previous lap delta; green when you're faster, red when slower. Making it easier to tell if you're catching and/or getting caught.



Sim Hub 9.1.15 or later.

RomainRob's plugin.


1. Download with the red button in the top right corner (must be logged in).
2. Extract the files from the zip.
3. Double click on "Ben's Delta.simhubdash" to install the overlay.
4. In Sim Hub, create a new Overlay Layout and add the installed overlay in it. For help with using Sim Hub, visit the Sim Hub Discord (
5. In iRacing's Graphics Options, make sure "Max Cars" is set to 63.
6. In your iRacing account, make sure your Connection setting is set to the maximum.


To change the speed delta unit to MPH or Km/h, go to SimHub's Settings, then in the General tab choose your Preferred Units.


Overlay by benofficial2.
If this overlay was helpful to you, please consider following me on Twitch (

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Latest updates

  1. Ben's Delta Overlay v1.0.1

    Added support for SimHub Preferred Units setting. Speed delta can now be in MPH or Km/h.

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This overlay is awesome! Thanks for adding it
Thanks! I'm glad it's useful

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