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Berline ePrix (Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit) 1.0

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Berline ePrix (Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit) convert from rfactor.

CSP required
Delete the previous version
Delete the berline_eprix.ini
located in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks.

- 24 pit/start
- AI
- Replay cam
- Camtool Replay(_option_camtool folder)

Known issues : Better AI line (needs help), There is no lid on the side of the curb

*Obtained permission to convert*

- Original mod by LFT Rfactor Tracks
- Track Convert by shin956
- Camtool Replay by @ckkjw398 (牛乳やさん)

Latest updates

  1. 1.0

    Changelog: -brightened the overall shader -add RainFX -new VAO patch -removed PerPixel MultiMap...

Latest reviews

track is fun to drive around and it also is a home race for me. the only issue i seem to have found is that AI may tend to steer wide when pitting and the banners on their own seem to look a little outdated sometimes. still a great track, although i feel desperate of having more of these such as Season 8, 9 and even the new layout
Needs some kind of surface texture for sure, not really fulfilling that simulation purpose as-is.
The track looks awesome, but for me it keeps loading then sending me back to the menu, could you help?
Absolutely fantastic track. It's fun to race on. The AI seem to be slow on my end, not sure whether or not it's just my AI, or the tracks.
My main problem, however, is one of the corners there's the possibility of clipping through the map a little and getting stuck if you veer off.
Either way, I've enjoyed this track and will race more on it
I have a problem with the AI, it is literally jumping in the pit during qualifying and in the race as soon as it is long they all hit the wall
You're on a roll dude. Good job. Thanx
Can you make Monaco Formula e circuit ?
Great work mate ! Patiently awaiting the Monaco ePrix if it's possible / in the works
Excellent conversion!
You are really on it. Five tracks already converted, good job. You´re making AC even better. Thank you

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4.20 star(s) 10 ratings

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