Bill Elliott #94 - McDonald's Bill Elliott Racing | Ford Mondeo Supertouring/VRC Fortix Mando

Bill Elliott #94 - McDonald's Bill Elliott Racing | Ford Mondeo Supertouring/VRC Fortix Mando 1.1.1

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Feeling good after releasing the EXIDE car, I might as well recreate more of this NATCAR thing I made.

Presenting the iconic #94 McDonald's Bill Elliott Racing paint scheme from 1999 NASCAR season for the Ford Mondeo Supertouring a.k.a. VRC Fortix Mando, driven by none other than the fastest man in NASCAR history and the team owner, Bill Elliott.

Driver suit, gloves and now the HELMET are included!
Extract the ZIP file into assettocorsa/content/cars/vrc_erc_1999_fortix/skins or vrc_erc_1999_fortix_csp/skins
Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Credits :
Virtual Racing Cars (car & livery template)
Michael Doherty (suit template)
Stephen Bailey (1999 BTCC numberplate)

Latest updates

  1. Black roll cage/interior

  2. Fix on window driver name

    - Fixed the driver name on the right side window corresponding to the update of the car

Latest reviews

All of these Nascar skins are awesome!
Vielen Dank!
I think changing the interior metal colour of the floor & roll-cage would complete the look of this car, since the dark blue interior clashes with the bright red exterior.
There's a good reason why I don't touch the interior, because apart from the available templates given by VRC you cannot bake them directly from Content Manager like any other cars by default...

Took me several hours figuring out only the dashboard logos when working on the BTCC livery and I don't want to experience it again, so here we are.

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