Black Hole Transition

Black Hole Transition 1.0.1

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MOD: Black Hole Transition

MSCLoader: 1.2.8

1.0.1 Upgrade Log:
  1. The Energy Input Device no longer covers the rearview mirror
  2. Out a Transition Core Player is no longer forced to take off
  3. Holographic projection technology is used to select the destination and assist in reaching the destination
  4. The objects on the car will be transited together
  5. Slowing down more smoothly after transition

Inspiration: Outer Wilds & No Time.

You can use Satsuma to travel through black holes in specific places.
This is a device that allows you to make a space transition with Satsuma while driving.

The device includes: Transition Core, Energy Input Device and Starting Device.

How to use:
  1. Buy and Out a Transiton Core (Place of purchase: Car inspection and home).
  2. Insert the "Transition Core" into the "input device".
  3. Enter driving mode and press the "Startup Device" Key In the car,.
  4. You can click the picture on the screen to select the destination of transmission
  5. After the Directional Road is opened, the driving direction should be as straight as possible
  6. Drive Satsuma to a certain speed and continue to maintain the throttle, otherwise it will fail.
  7. After a while, you and Satsuma will make a space transition.

  • The speed shall be controlled below 100km/h as far as possible to avoid death due to excessive speed after the transition.
  • There is a bug: after Buy one and Out, the Transition Core may appear at another purchase place. Please buy one and out once again, but it will still be saved.
  • For a smooth transition, you can step on the clutch after the transition to avoid stalling
  • Make sure you are strapped in very well, or else you will death due to excessive speed after the transition.
  • Before using this module, in order to avoid bad things, please save and back up the game save data.
  • If there is a problem with this mod after entering the game, please use the normal loader.

Have a great time!



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  1. 1.0.1 Upgrade

    The Energy Input Device no longer covers the rearview mirror Out a Transition Core Player is no...

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i cant chose picture i only can schose teimos or drag strip why
can't transiton core anywhere

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