Space Ship InMSC

Space Ship InMSC 1.0

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Space Ship In MSC

Inspired by: Outer Wilds

  • This is a space ship, you can fly to any place you want to go.
  1. You can find an apron on the right side of your garage. The spaceship is right there. You can enter the spaceship only by approaching the purple box.
  2. If the spaceship cannot be found, you can recall the spaceship in the "Space Ship Reset" on the control panel of the apron (only one recall is allowed in a game).
  3. The spaceship will consume fuel. You can add fuel to the "Add fuel" on the control panel of the apron.
  4. It is a very normal movement operation, except that during driving, pressing "Free Camera" can move the view freely. When not pressing "Roll Mode", slide the mouse in the direction of movement. When pressing "Roll Mode", slide the mouse left and right to scroll.
  5. Oscilloscope, balanced gravity mode, headlight, etc. can be found in the mod key settings.
  6. To exit driving, press E or Q.
  7. See the following pictures for the functions of the operation panel
  1. This mod is only for entertainment. If you have finished great work, please save it before entering the spaceship for flight to avoid problems.
  2. Do not press F1 or other keys that may cause problems for the mod when entering the spaceship or driving. If there is a problem, you can try to press F1 to call out the menu and exit to the main interface.
  3. Due to limited ability, please do not bring items into the spaceship, because items may fly to various places.
And Have a great time!
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