BMW Motorsport - MyTeam Full Package [Semi Modular Mods]

BMW Motorsport - MyTeam Full Package [Semi Modular Mods] 3.5

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BMW returns to Formula 1, this time as an 11th team!

How to install :

-download Semi-Modular Mods base files

-install it (copy and paste "Full" and "Optionnal")

-install Semi-Mo Mods MyTeam package here

-install the "large" package in "F1 23\2023_asset_groups\game_package\text_validation"

-download my mod and copy&paste

- Use these colours for the emblem :
-done !

1 (1).png

onboard 1-min (1).png

present 1-min.png

present 4-min.png


the use of this mod during a youtube video or stream is ALLOWED under the condition of giving credit of course ;)


and please don't reupload my mod, on any site whatsoever.


Now go on track and have fun ! ;)

El Moustachos.

Latest updates


    OMG. I've finally found the time to post an update on this mod that I love. I apologize for...
  2. 3.0 Update

    Hi everyone! For this version 3.0, we've got not one but two new liveries! Inspired by my BMW...
  3. 2.2 Update

    -Fixed a bug with BMW Motosport Sticker in the 2nd livery -Fixed a bug with fanatec logo on rear...

Latest reviews

Ok wow, that was actually very easy to install. It looks sooo good too!!!
Best livery i've ever seen 5/5.
realy gooed and nice mod but mayby you shoud a better livery to the helmet and a glosy shine to the livery on the car
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thanks you for your helpful feedback!
By far the cleanest and most polished package out there.
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx you mate, it means a lot to me
Perfect , but what color to use for the emblem plz ?
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
Thx man ! for the emblem, I've updated the tutorial in "how to install" ;)
Buen trabajo mi amigo, la mejor librea de mi equipo hasta ahora
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thanks you mate !!!
It is perfect
El Moustachos
El Moustachos
thx you so much !!

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El Moustachos
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