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Brazil Track Update 1.2

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First of all, thank you arthurvince for giving your permission to use your Williams Martini Racing Pit walls, all the credits to you for that :)

Santander Logos changed to Pirelli logos + yellow-green-white strippy wall changed to full white at Turn 1

Black-White checked Podium changed to real Petrobras podium

Black F1 2014 Boards changed to Johnnie Walker Boards

Black F1 2014 Brake Tables changed to Johnnie Walker Tables

Brighter kurbs + White F1 2014 Boards changed to Petrobras Boards + Orange F1 2014 Boards changed to Schin Boards + White MasterCard Boards changed to Blue MasterCard Boards between Turn 7 and 8 and between the last corners


Removed Pirelli Logos at Turn 8 (Outside of the track) + Brighter kerbs

Shell V-Power Brake Tables Changed to Fly Emirates Brake Tables + White-Black strippy Tire walls changed to full black Tire walls between Turn 11 and 12 (Outside of the track)

1.1: Darker Asphalt
Brazil asphalt1.jpg

1.2: New Logos above the garages(Huge thanks to Jim (Reddvers) for that, because he noticed it) :)
Brazil Pit.jpg

Latest updates

  1. New logos above the garages

    Thank you again, Jim (Reddvers)
  2. Darker Asphalt

    Darker Asphalt

Latest reviews

Love it
The Dark Asphalt looks so good!! thanks m8.
Bit of a little fantasy update, but could you make a version and upload it to mediafire where the infield have barriers? like Monaco but with a little bit of run-off? But great job!
well done mate!
looks super nice!
Excellent update of the track ;). Good job !
It would be great if this mod includes the new pit lane entrance and exit! Or it does?
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
No, only codemasters can do it :(
I tried to do this update, but I see that you were ahead ...
If you are going to make the black run, be careful because you have to go fine with the colors.
Great. but the first corner is UBS not Pirelli :)
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
The backboard is UBS, but if you watch an onboard lap you'll see it's Pirelli
Good work!Thx :)))
thank you!!
Looks nice, but is it possible to change the asphalt color?
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Yes, it's possible, but the dark asphalt looks very noisy which is not good for the eyes. I'll try to do it but it's not easy
Thanks mate, that Johnnie Walker does it!!

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