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The Bremgarten track was first used in 1931 for Motorcycle racing with the first Swiss Grand Prix for cars taking place in 1934 and was held annually there after, dominated by the Silver Arrows, Hans Stuck winning the first GP in an Auto Union and the famous marque would win again in 1936 with Bert Rosemeyer where their rivals Mercedes would win with Hermann Lang in 1939 and with Rudolf Caracciola who would really make the circuit his own, winning in 1935, 1937 and 1938. Caracciola would eventually end his racing career at the circuit in 1952 driving a Mercedes 300SL. His brakes locked, sending his car into a tree, suffering a broken leg.


Bremgarten was a true road course set in stunning countryside, running through a public park just north of the capital. Both fast and dangerous, the track blasted through forest roads and was comprised of no real straights, more kinks between bends and sweeping corners. It was described as having 13 corners, but in reality it had around 25 changes in direction. The track measured 7.28km (4.25 miles) of a clockwise rough oval. The start/finish was on a gently right-curving stretch of road, just north of the main rail line, and the heart of the city. A somewhat sharp right took the track north past a quarry and into the forest. A rather jagged straight ended about 100 meters short of the River Aare, where the track took two more fairly sharp rights. This led onto a long gentle arc over a couple of low hills, and back down towards the city. The sharpest bend on the track (Forsthaus) turned the cars right again, back onto the cobble stones, past the pits and start/finish.

The track had no run-off and the surface was changeable. Post war there was great joy as the French great Jean-Pierre Wimille won in 1947 but the 1948 event was a tragic affair when Italian legend Achille Varzi was killed before the race in a practice accident. The race was packed with incident too, Maurice Trintignant was thrown from his car when he spun and lay unconscious in the road. Nino Farina, Prince Bira and Robert Manzon were forced to crash in avoidance of is body. He was declared dead at hospital but after lying in a coma for 8 days, Trintignant pulled through. Not so lucky was Christian Kautz who had a fatal accident of his own.





I have been working on this track on and off for the last year. I decided to make it as I had spent many summer holidays in the Bernese Oberland, not far from the track's location, so Switzerland has always had a special place in my heart.


I had tried a version of Bremgarten that had been converted from GPL and could see that the layout had great potential, so decided to try and make my own version. Not much of the original circuit exists today so I had to rely on detailed topographic maps to get the elevation changes right. I found a few videos online, and quite a few photographs, so my version is fairly accurate to how it was in the 1950s.





It is set up with 36 grid slots for Race Day, has timing gates for Time Attack, 3 sets of cameras and an overlay file with the section names to help memorising the layout. The track features a well detailed 500,000 tri physical mesh with a wide variety of road surfaces and grip levels. It has been optimised to run as well as possible (performance is at least as good as Kunos' Nordschleife), with varying levels of detail and careful use of textures and materials. I have added a dynamic racing line and tyre marks, static track-side details such as period-correct spectators, rubber debris and 3D leaf litter and pine cones on the track.

To install, just place the 'bremgarten' folder from the .ZIP archive into your \assettocorsa\content\tracks\ directory.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, or tested, or encouraged me along the way - you know who you are :)

Thanks to @PSG_1970 and @daveds3 for some of the screenshots.

And a big thank you to @Bram Hengeveld and the Race Department team for hosting it!

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  1. Bremgarten - 1950s - v1.01

    A very minor update. Changes: - fixed position of AC_TIME_0_R so that a new lap is registered...

Latest reviews

Love this track, so much details, so much fun to drive ...
This track provides the most fun I've had in a racing game in looooooong time. Bravo!
Fantastic - Amazing - Technically Brilliant - Accuracy - lovely - Fun - Incredible - Excellent. F-A-T-A-L-F-I-E
=)) excellent track. may seem complicated, but after 81 times you understand it with a sip
Possibly the most impressive vintage track I've ever seen.

I can't think of anything that could possibly improve it.
thank you,download it now.
very pretty and well detailed. very tough track to drive in period cars, but extremely fun and rewarding. if you can convince some people to cruise around here side-by-side and try to follow each other through clean, it's a great time, and definitely forced me to become a better driver (especially with cars like the old Assetto Classic Legends GT pack).
So sweet and lovely track
very nice job ! thx for sharing
5 stars all day long. Just fabulous.
Thanks Fat Alfie.
Amazing track, the attention to detail is second to none. Thank you.
Best FPS with awesome graphics ! God Bless you sir :)
We had a league race yesterday on Bremgarten in history race cars and ... WHAT A BLAST! This track is amazing and the quality, delivered by Fat-Alfie, is absolutely top-notch. Fantastic work.
Thanks Fat-Alfie, to bring this historic track back to life in stunning quality.
This is an extremely fun track to drive! For me especially with the Ferrari 156, but any other race car from the 1950s and 60s is awesome here.
The track is super fast, has a wide variety of street surfaces and on top of that is extremely gorgeous to look at.
I drove this tonight with some vintage formula cars and could stop giggling. This is a masterpiece. Easily one of the top tracks for Assetto Corsa, it is a must have!
Along with Feldbergring, this is your best track imo. All tracks are five stars, but this one and Feldberg would be six. Maybe seven.
Excellent, I grew up and I am living @Looslistrasse, approx. 1 min. walking distance to that great first right corner. Hope you will develop this track even further, tnx. very much....!!!!

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