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I have been working on this track on and off for the last two years. It started off as a challenge to myself to see if I could find some real roads somewhere in the world that could give me the same buzz and excitement that the Nordschleife does. I searched through maps for several months, trying out various loops of roads that might work, when I finally stumbled across this 26km loop of real roads set in the French countryside of the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan.


Initially I had no plans to ever release it, thinking it would be just a private project for myself. I used it in AC for quite a few months just as a simple strip of tarmac with a grass verge either side. Knowing how much time and effort went into my Feldbergring (12km) and Deutschlandring (10km) tracks, I never really entertained the idea of fleshing out this seed of an idea into a fully formed 26km long project.

After sending copies to a few friends, I was finally convinced that this track might actually be worth doing properly. I had been using it for about 18 months by this point, with around 20,000km of 'testing' under my belt. Deutschlandring was finished and released; I had no other excuses, so in May 2019 I started work on 'phase 2' of Fonteny and tried to turn this simple ribbon of tarmac and grass into a real, living environment.

After 6 months of hard work, and after adding 100,000 trees, 1000 buildings, 200 vehicles, numerous types of grass, ferns, shrubs, bushes, flowers, people, horses and cows, it is finally complete - or, as complete as it is going to be.











It is set up with 40 grid slots for Race Day, 60 spawn points for Track Day layout (multiplayer only), 2 sets of cameras and an overlay with the section names to help memorising its 83 bends.

To install, just place the 'fonteny' folder from the .ZIP into your 'tracks' folder in your AC directory.

There is a PDF track guide inside the track folder, with a brief description of each section of the track, how it got its name, and a few tips on driving the circuit.

A big thank you to those members who helped with testing, and thanks to the AC community for its continued support of mods :thumbsup:

If you would like to make a small donation that would be cool:

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  1. Fonteny v1.1

    New for v1.1 - Reverse layout for both Raceday and Trackday - Collision added for all larger...

Latest reviews

I just smile. All the time :-)
Magnifique! Tres Belle! Zut zut zut!
Amazing work! A real driving pleasure!
Amazing Track. Definitely one of the most beautiful i know and so much fun to drive.

Sadly there is corner near the end of the map where a invisible object or smth blocking the road (tried reinstalling but no luck). Would be very thankful for a fix and happy to help locate the place.
Thanks for the review. The problem is with CSP, not the track, though. There are floating objects all round the track (dead leaves, pinecones, tyre marks, etc) and a flaw in CSP gives collision to them. I would suggest experimenting with your CSP settings - maybe try turning off Extended Physics (as a guess).
Excellent track.
26km of pure masterpiece!
This track is amazing. I have no words.

Just downloaded Fonteny along with the other Fat Alfie tracks. All are fantastic but this one is special. Just been hot-lapping it today and I can't get enough of it. Was using the RSS 1970 car mod but thought I'd turn it up a little with the Porsche RSR from Kunos too. Incredible work Alfie
De las mejores pistas que he probado. Enorme trabajo !!!
Breathtaking scenery and a real joy of a track to drive on in pretty much anything, you can tell the author put in some serious work to put this all together. Great work!
Fantastic - Amazing - Technically Brilliant - Accuracy - lovely - Fun - Incredible - Excellent. F-A-T-A-L-F-I-E
Thank You
Incredible track, I have got no idea you managed to acheive that level of detail. Though there is a broken phycics mesh or some sort of weird force field here tourist layout
This track is my favorite ! Being from france myself i was a little bit dispointed of the number genuine well rendered tracks of france backroads. Thank you man !
I'm working on a version without any racing equipment, only the backroads for some cinematc shots, do you want it when i'll be finished with that ?
Do I want a copy of my own track, with the majority of my hard work removed? No, thanks, I think I'll pass :|
Stunning level of detail! I have seen a lot of track mods in AC and this has to be one of the very best.

It is sublime for me to jump in my virtual version of my MX5 and drive in this track with VR. It reminds me of the real life country roads here in Virginia. Well done!

I really hope in the future you get contract work from Kunos and other race sim companies. You are very good at this stuff sir.
Good lawd...this track is brilliant. So amazingly well done. I love it. It's my new fav. So many incredible touches and "secrets". The panoramic views are also incredible as the countryside has been really well fleshed out and you can see trees and objects for miles. I'm just so totally blown away by this. One little spot I caught that I thought looked so good at dusk was the cemetary/church! Awesome! Thank you for this masterpiece!
Absolute bliss.
Wonderful track ! Bravo
This is my go to track... I call it the French Nordschleife :D
Amazing! A whole new level. Thank you.
I love all your work but this one might be my favourite.. it is so good and the atmosphere is exceptionnally rich and detailed.
I would just suggest a little tweak in the road markings. In France at least today we almost only use yellow for temporary markings (or bus stops and places where you can't park) road markings are usually white and I think it was already the case in the 60's. Also, besides highways, there is rarely a continuous white stripe on the side of the road. See link:

Anyway it's only small details and I can imagine it's very time-consuming and not really worth it to push these changes + the track is already gorgeous. Love it <3
Thanks for the feedback (and for taking the time to leave a review). Where were you when I needed advice on the road markings?! :D In my defense, I was working off some reference photos of Clermont Ferrand taken in the 1970s, which showed continuous white lines to either edge and a broken yellow line down the centre.

Should I ever need to release an update, I will be certain to take your comments on board. Thanks again!

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