BTCC 2022 Skins for Shaun Clarke BTCC Mod

BTCC 2022 Skins for Shaun Clarke BTCC Mod 1

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I think most people are using the FRS mod now but I've used this mod for so long I couldn't help but try my best to give it a new lease of life. This is my first ever skin project so they're not exactly "professional," the cars aren't 100% but I tried to get them at least somewhere in the ball park. I only did the liveries for drivers who competed in every round. I tried to stick with using similar body shapes for each of the cars, but there are 1or 2 exceptions.

creativehighway already did an amazing job with the Hondas which you can get here:
Honda Team BTC:
Honda Halfords:

and kieronw71 did an awesome job with the Fords which you can get here:

Included in this download

Alfa Romeo Liveries:
I used the Alfas in place of the Cupras and the Vauxhalls as they both have the Hatchback body shape.
#19 Bobby Thompson, #28 Nic Hamilton, #40 Aron Taylor-Smith, #97 Ash Hand, #777 Michael Crees


BMW Liveries:
The current BMW in the BTCC is a 3 series but I tried my best to adapt the liveries for the smaller 125.
#12 Stephen Jelley, #24 Jake Hill, #33 Adam Morgan, #42 George Gamble, #50 Colin Turkington


Toyota Liveries:
The current BTCC Toyota is a hatchback body shape but seen as there is a Toyota in this mod it made sense to use that. I also used it for the Hyundais.
#3 Tom Chilton, #6 Rory Butcher, #21 Ricky Collard, #80 Tom Ingram, #123 Dan Lloyd


Audi Liveries:
I used the Audi for the Infinitis seen as it has a similarish body shape. With the Infinitis being RWD you could swap the Audi for RWD with the AC car tuner if you really wanted. I only did the Laser tools liveries as the Upton Steel cars didn't race in every round.
#16 Aiden Moffat, #17 Dexter Patterson


This was a lot of work and I know these are far from perfect but I at least tried my best, I'm happy enough with them for my first skin project , so hopefully you can enjoy them too :)

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Thank you... This is what i am waiting.
...wonderful! Thank you very much!
Thank you gor the mention
lovely to see shaun's work still being loved. thanks for this
Superb pack! Thanks a lot!
Vielen Dank!

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