Midnight Cup Virtual Skin Pack (Fantasy Liveries) For VRC Touring Mod

Midnight Cup Virtual Skin Pack (Fantasy Liveries) For VRC Touring Mod 1

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Here are some fantasy skins I designed for the VRC supertourers. I wanted to keep that old school touring vibe but with a slightly more modern look, so I took inspiration from various motorsports from around the late 2000s/early 2010s.

About the Midnight Cup Virtual:
I was doing some research into Norwegian race tracks and came across an awesome event called the Midnight Cup which takes place at the Arctic Circle raceway at midnight, but because of the tracks location there is still daylight.

Anyways turns out supertourers cars used to race there in the Norwegian Touring Car Championship, so I thought it would be cool to have like a virtual version of the Midnight cup with all the best cars that have raced at the track, and use the VRC cars as one of the classes that race. I'll probably do a second set of skins for some GT cars as the second class at some point, but for now you can enjoy these if you want something a little different from the BTCC skins. I went with Nordic drivers because I think it fit the theme.

Included in this pack:

Fortix Skins:
#11 Jan Hansen, Team M-Sport Ford with Iron Maiden
#13 Per Johansen, Team Gulf with Relentless Energy
#18 Björn Andersen, Team Dunlop


Gojira Skins:
#12 Ole Olsen, Red Bull Racing
#15 Lars Karlsson, Svensk Bilsport with Ikea
#17 Sigurður Ragnarsson, Team Kaldi kappaksturslið


Vorax Skins:
#14 Matti Korhonen, Monster Energy
#16 Peter Jensen, Carlsberg Motorsport
#19 Kjell Larsen, Team Coca Cola with Viking Assistance


Hopefully you don't find these skins too cursed xD

Latest reviews

Awesome! love it!
Oooh, the Coca Cola one for the Vectra is my favorite

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