Calabogie Motorsports Park

Calabogie Motorsports Park 0.9

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This world-class facility is home to the longest track in Canada, at 5.05 km in length, consisting of 20 turns, measuring 40 feet wide, and featuring a 2,000 ft long straightaway. Since opening in the fall of 2006, the Alan Wilson designed track has become the preferred destination for North American motorsports enthusiasts. The Calabogie track has been designed to provide a challenging, safe and charismatic venue for amateur and club level performance drivers.

On September 24th, 2018 the course was scanned with vehicle mounted LiDAR capturing millions of points and thousands of pictures of all 5.05 km of the incredible Calabogie Motorsports Park. That data has been transformed into this 100% free to the public rendition for Assetto Corsa.

This initial 0.9 beta release includes two layouts. The full 5.05 km and the shorter 2.81 km Stadium circuit. The even shorter Supercar 2.2 km layout to come at a later update. The new drift circle is not included at this time since the scan was done before that was added. But it may come in a later update.

For more information about the project follow the link below

Track Features

  • 2 layouts
  • 32 Pit boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • TV Cameras
  • Time Attack support
  • More paddock/trackside details
  • Supercar layout
  • Drift circle





Latest reviews

Any idea when we will be getting the drift layouts ? i live like 15 min from the track and would like that very much
Superior work. Thank you very much.
Awesome! Will be using this to prep for IRL at Calabogie this summer
It's a LilSki track.
excellent, thankyou
Exellent,thank you.
Fantastic track.
Love the realism of driving my home track in the off season. Great job to recreate the longest (and best) track in Canada!
I love all of your track's, i hope you will work on other tracks. Thanks for your work on them.
when i drive this track, i act like im a super rich guy with a mansion and this racetrack in the garden. i test my garage of cars there and write down the times. compare all kinds of cars, and sometimes if i download a new mod i really feel like i bought a new car and went ontrack:)

is there a snow update maybe?:)

greetings from germany
Excellent track, and an extremely detailed and accurate mod. I used this mod before driving at Calabogie in real life - it felt just like driving in the sim. I wish I could drive around the paddock a little more just to recreate that IRL experience.

I hope the supercar layout will eventually be released!
It will. Early 2022 is the end of me doing paid projects so I can get back to doing my own stuff and updating some of the oldies. Calabogie was a paid project to this point. Anything further is on my own. But I would like to open up the super car layout and add more paddock details. Maybe even add the drift loop in the final turn complex.
I did give it a go, after reading track reviews from @Gutbomb at GTplanet, this was suppose to be the best track mod.
Its indeed a good/well made track only it lacking immersion when using in single player VR-mode, its driving great, even the environment is well made, as a sample I did not notice any ugly 2d trees, as on some other tracks are full of them.
Only when compare to other tracks, its all a bit sterile and its definitely needs an update.
It's a track in the middle of the woods in Canada. What else would you like exactly? Some blimps and hot air balloons floating around the the sky? Other than some details missing in the paddock area I'm not sure what it is missing from the actual real life track in which it replicates.
love it!!!!!
Thee is so much love put into this track! It's not an easy one (to me at least) but a very interesting track. Thank you for this beautiful creation.
What an absolutely amazing track I knew nothing of and what an awesome representation of it! Thank you!
Good job! Thank you!
How did it take me this long before I tried this one out? Because the name doesn't sound familiar? What a fool I've been. A great track in a game is not defined by real life fame but the care put into the recreation, and there's a lot of that on show here. A lot of fine trackside and marker detail that you'll grow to appreciate as you try to tame the undulating, half-blind turns. Amazing work.
Very well done, and so much fun to drive!

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