Riverside International Raceway

Riverside International Raceway 1.1

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This is my second, scratch built, track for AC and is what I believe to be the most accurate version of Riverside to date. Many hours have been spent to re-create this great track as close to the original as possible. A combination of topo maps, aerial photos, and hours and hours of video have been used to bring this track back to life. It is roughly modeled as if it was 1988 during the final Budweiser 400. Four layouts are included which are the Long, Short, NASCAR, and Spike layouts.

Riverside sadly closed in 1989. Between the years of 1957-1988 it hosted many great racing series such as CAN-AM, IMSA, NASCAR, SCCA, IndyCar, and even Formula 1.

Track Features
  • 24 Pit Boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Dynamic road sand
  • Track map
  • Working AI
  • 4 TV cameras per layout
  • Time Attack
  • Rigel for the great road textures
  • Virtua_LM for allowing me to use some elements of their RV textures
  • Norbs for the cams
  • Tberg for the blimp
While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!







Latest updates

  1. RIR

    Minor bug fix update to 1.1 Fixed strange Turn 9 wall behavior where it can seem to be slightly...
  2. RIR

    I decided to skip 0.9 and go straight to 1.0. Change Log: Added many many details. Too many to...
  3. RIR

    Change log: New layout! For the first time in any sim and since 1988 you can drive the "Spike"...

Latest reviews

Wow, saw some YouTuber racing this but they didn't mention the track name so I scoured the comments and was able to find it and I'm sure glad I did. This track is amazing! Thank you so much for this release. Love the atmosphere. Everything is well done. Feels like I'm racing on Tatooine :-)
Just realised hadn't reviewed this. What a masterpiece. That is all. Amongst ever more frequent but varied quality releases, this stands a beacon of lasting quality; it's aged better than any wine and no doubt brought far more joy to me than any bottle ever could. Thanks Lilski.
love this track mod for ac - great work
It would be nice someday to see a version of Riverside with atleast 43 pit boxes, IMSA ran All-Class races here with up to almost 60 cars , this is a great track, very detailed, except for this one very important detail
And where would you like them to go? They shared pit boxes back then. Not possible in AC. There are actually 32 spots in the model. Just bump the number up in the json file. But even then it's two wide in pit lane with no extra room.
Very, very nice track. Top notch work all round.
Excellent work! Thank you for keeping it alive!
Absolutely superb track. Thank you very much.
Just wonderful in VR.
Like everybody else I can only recommend this track. It looks awesome, feels awesome and is fun to drive on. Super high quality mod.
racing with vintage cars is so much fun here
absolutely outstanding work
This is hands down one of the best tracks I have ever had the pleasure of racing in any sim. It scores top in both details, atmosphere, driveability and pretty much every other aspect. Never had any framerate issues or anything else, except I had to adjust the draw distance to avoid a few objects popping up at the back straight. (This issue applies to a lot of tracks when running at high resolution.)

The 80s Camel skin, together with the VRC Camaro Z28 completes the 80s/90s race feeling. :)
Wow, Just discovered this, realy well done and a ton of fun to drive

Congrads on such a fantastic track
I bounce around between iracing, assetto corsa, rfactor 2, and ACC. This is my all-time favorite track on any platform. This mod is amazing.
****ing masterpiece
I LOVE all of your track's , but this one is my favorite I think. Thank you for all your hard work.
Beautiful recreation of my hometown track I never got to visit.
One of the best track mods for any sim!
Excellent track. Runs great, great fun to drive. Thank you.

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