Cameras set for Oregon Raceway Park

Cameras set for Oregon Raceway Park 1.0

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Thanks to Tyrone who has modeled it, Oregon Raceway Park is one of the most unique layouts one can enjoy in AC.

Its winding route through large meadows with Mt Hood in the distance, visually marks ORP and sets it apart from other tracks with more massive infrastructure.

Since the mod didn't have a working camera file until now, I found it a bit frustrating, and decided to fix it.

So here are the files, hopefully they will make your replays more attractive and comfortable!

Clockwise video:

Anti-clockwise video:

In the zip, You will find 2 couples of ini.files, respectively for clockwise layout, and for anticlockwise.
You can get rid of the original cameras_ini file, then copy & paste the new files into their related layout's data


Please, don't hesitate to rate and review this mod,

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great job, can you make also a cam set for tyrone\s Area 27 track, its awesome

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