Livery pack (6+6) for AMC Javelin 1970 tae & Ford Mustang Boss 302

Livery pack (6+6) for AMC Javelin 1970 tae & Ford Mustang Boss 302 1.0

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Joshua Widder's AMC javelin & Ford Mustang Boss 302 mods are a treat to drive, and these two models are -like back in the trans-am days- made to fight together.
All they were waiting for were racing liveries.

Display 01-min.jpg

Due to the uniform scheme of factory liveries and to get a more various grid, I concentrated my efforts on private drivers, extending my research from 1970 to 1974.
Mustang were already well represented, so as long as 1970 Javelins liveries could be found, I kept going!

With John Bauer, Bob Hennig, Russ Norburn, Buzz Dyer, Ed Hinchliff , Ed Lowther, Rainer Newmann, Ted Roberts, Mark Donohue, George Follmer, Tony de Lorenzo, Warren Tope, I was able to put together a balanced 6+6 grid, in terms of liveries and names.

Real Ones-min.jpg

Pics on Track-min.jpg

The (standard) interiors could be customized, which made it possible to vary the ambience.
I put a little touch here and there with texture and color, so that when you choose one livery or another, you feel when you see the cockpit that you're not entering the same car.

Hope you'll will have fun by discovering, or meeting again these beauties!
Don't hesitate to give feedbacks in discussion thread or in the comment section below!


Latest reviews

Great collection! Thanks man.
Vince Wheel
Vince Wheel
Thanks for the feedback!
Amazing skins, super high-quality! Always love to see more Trans-Am content!
Vince Wheel
Vince Wheel
Thank you GreenMachine13 !

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