Camtool cams for Mugello

Camtool cams for Mugello 1.5

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This is a set of camtool cams for Mugello. I have included a set for the Pyyer extension as well.

These files go in the following location: \assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data

The car in the video is the Tornado V12 from RSS. It is part of the GT pack and can be located here:

The skin is made by DavidDGA and can be found in this pack:

The Pyyer extension is exclusive to his patreon here:

Latest updates

  1. WIP

    check out my youtube channel for more WIP
  2. 1.5 New set of cams added

    For this update, I added a second set of cams for both the stock Kunos track, as well as the...

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THX!!!! ANOTHER GREAT TRACK, now, even better.....

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