Camtool for Imola

Camtool for Imola 2.0

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This is a set of camtool cameras for Imola. I have included a set for the Kunos track, and have also added one each for the 2021 and 2022 Pyyer extension.

Files are installed here:

The car in the video is the RSS Lanzo V12 from their GT pack. it can be found here:

The skin was made by Thierry Warin and can be found here:

The pyyer extension for Imola can be found here:

Latest updates

  1. New Cams release

    I have updated my camtool cams for Imola. If you like my cams, I highly recommend you...
  2. 1.5 New set of cams added

    I have updated the cams with a new set. It includes the stock Kunos Imola, as well as the Pyyer...

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Great job! Is it possible that we could get the Nordschleife camtool cameras for pyyers n24 extension?
Already did it

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